SharePoint 2010 Administration Core Technologies Training Atlanta 2012




This course is designed for the IT professional who has been tasked with setting up, managing and maintaining Microsoft’s SharePoint Server 2010 platform. During this 5 day instructor led course you will learn how to install SharePoint Server, create and manage Web applications and site collections as well as understand their place and purpose within the SharePoint platform. You will also learn about the new implementation of service applications and gain an understanding of the document management features provided by this newest edition of SharePoint Server.

Featured Modules:

•Module 0: Introduction
This module provides an overview of the SharePoint technologies as well as its place and impact within the organization. Establishing a good foundation and common frame of reference is important to the overall learning experience.

•Module 1: Architecture
In this module you will learn how SharePoint Server 2010 is put together. Here we discuss the reliance upon the physical elements, such as IIS7 as well as the logical architecture formed by Web and Service applications into a solid platform. The topics discussed include:

- Platform Architecture
- IIS 7 Architecture
- SharePoint Architecture
- Logical Architecture

•Module 2: Installation
This module covers the requirements necessary for and how to correctly install SharePoint Server 2010 as well as the changes that are made to your systems. Topics include:

- Hardware Recommendations
- Preparing for Installation
- An Installation Walkthrough
- Installation and Configuration Changes

•Module 3: Farm Settings
In module 3 we will take a close look at the various sections of Central Administration that have a global impact on the configuration of a SharePoint Server farm. Topics covered include:

- System Settings
- Monitoring
- Security
- General Application Settings
- Upgrade and Migration

While we will look at the various upgrade and migration settings, this course will not cover how to perform either of these options for moving content from a SharePoint 2007 deployment.

•Module 4: Creating Web Applications and Site Collections
In this module you will learn the concepts and functions of Web applications, service applications and site collections. We will discuss where and how each of these elements fits into the SharePoint logical architecture structure. Then you will go through the steps for building each of these elements and the various options available. Topics include:

- Understanding Web Applications
- Creating Web Applications
- Understanding Service Applications
- Site Collection Logical Architecture
- Planning Site Collections
- Creating Site Collections

•Module 5: Managing and Extending Web Applications
During module 5 you will learn about the various configuration options for SharePoint Web applications and how to properly manage them. You will also learn how and why to extend an application so as to provide access based upon content and the users who need to access it. Topics include:

- Extending and Deleting Web Applications
- Managing General Settings
- Managing Features
- Managed Paths
- Service Connections
- Security Settings
- Policy Settings

•and more…

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