SharePoint 2010 Designer Training Calgary 2013




This course is designed for experienced business users, Web designers, administrators, and developers who use and work with SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint 2010 Foundation, and want to learn how to customize SharePoint without writing code.

Although this course reviews some basic SharePoint functionality and concepts, it is best if students have a general knowledge of Web site design and methodologies. They should also be familiar with SharePoint from an end user or administrative point of view. An understanding of ASP.NET 2.0 master pages and cascading style sheets is helpful, but not required.


Business Users - Learn how to extend out-of-the box workflows to meet specific business needs, create views of data with conditional formatting to call attention to important information, and how to build sites, lists, content types, and much more in SharePoint Designer 2010 (SPD 2010).

Web Designers - Understand the extent of customizations available using in-browser tools. They also learn the advantages of using SPD 2010 to further enhance SharePoint site customization including creating master pages and multiple-step workflows. They also discover how to leverage their existing design knowledge to achieve the desired look and feel throughout SharePoint sites.

Administrators - Learn how SPD 2010 is used to create and manage permission levels and groups. This course also helps administrators understand the customization capabilities available to users and how to limit those capabilities based on permission levels.

Developers - Will understand the alternatives to working with Visual Studio. They also learn which customizations are achievable using in-browser tools and SPD 2010. In addition, developers learn how to create custom solutions using SPD 2010.

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