SharePoint 2013 Overview and Introduction Seminar UK 2012




Rarely has a Microsoft product been more eagerly awaited than SharePoint Server 2013. Thatís because it ticks all the boxes for organisations seeking better ways to work together.

Whether itís a case of managing enterprise and web content, enabling users to share ideas and information, or helping developers build innovative new applications, SharePoint 2013 is brimming with exciting improvements and social capabilities to better organise, sync and share content.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 17 years, weíve helped hundreds of organisations design, develop, deploy and manage complex, customised SharePoint solutions. Whatís more, weíve been involved in Microsoftís SharePoint 2013 Technical Adoption Program (TAP) from the start, providing invaluable feedback on its development.

So whether youíve a wealth of SharePoint knowledge and just want to discover how the platform can give your business the edge, or youíre simply curious about whatís new in SharePoint 2013, thereís no better way to find out than from our experts.

Designed for business and technical decision makers alike, our upcoming seminars provide a start guide to everything youíll need to know to make SharePoint 2013 a success in your organisation.

​Weíll explore the features and benefits of the platform through in-depth discussions, demonstrations and usage scenarios. Weíll help you plan the journey and decisions youíll need to make when adopting SharePoint 2013 in your business.

Youíll also see live demonstrations and be able to discuss your specific requirements with guest speakers from the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 team.

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