SharePoint 2013 Seminar UK 2012




These seminars are the first public events covering SharePoint 2013. They will be presented by the BrightStarr employees who have been involved in Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 Technical Adoption Program (TAP); providing valuable feedback to Microsoft on the development of SharePoint 2013 since February 2012, and benefit from guest speakers from the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 team. If you want to find out what is new with SharePoint 2013 and how your organisation can benefit from its enhanced features, ensure to reserve a space today.

Who should attend? This event is suitable for both business and technical decision makers who are:

•Interested to find out what is new with SharePoint 2013
•Looking to upgrade from SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010
•Looking at SharePoint for the first time


•Intro to BrightStarr and experience with SharePoint 2013
•Introduction to SharePoint 2013 and what is new
•Demo of new SharePoint 2013 features
•Microsoft's vision for SharePoint 2013
•Upgrading to SharePoint 2013
•How to get started with SharePoint 2013
•SharePoint 2013 Q&A

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