SharePoint Information Architecture Training Anaheim 2013




Learn how to increase SharePoint 2010 adoption, improve information management, and fully achieve your business objectives by optimizing SharePoint 2010 for your enterprise.

An outcome of 18 years of best practice development in content management and search optimization, this course teaches you the proven methodologies and techniques developed by Earley & Associates over many information architecture engagements. You will gain fluency in consulting approaches for deriving user requirements, translating those into a vision of a solution and creating information management components in SharePoint.

This 3-day hands-on course provides a practical introduction to key information architecture concepts and delivers the knowledge needed to apply these concepts to your most pressing information problems. The course is unique in the level of attention given to content type definition, taxonomy, and metadata.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a user-centric information architecture
  • Determine how to derive and apply taxonomies for site structures
  • Define metadata structures, content types, lists, views and libraries
  • Leverage use cases and scenarios to optimize SharePoint
  • Architect effective information management governance processes

This class is for information specialists, program managers, business process owners, SharePoint developers, taxonomists, library science specialists, intranet professionals and anyone who needs a stronger grounding in information architecture and guidance on how to configure SharePoint to meet business and user requirements.

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