SharePoint Server 2010 Business Intelligence/Dashboards Seminar Minneapolis 2012




Data has become a huge source of frustration for business owners and managers as they continue to pool raw data but cannot put it to good use in furthering business insight or to help make better business decisions. Despite the capabilities of databases and spreadsheets, making sense of this data and transforming it into relevant, intuitive and useful information is a challenge that current data storage and presentation tools lack. However, SharePoint 2010 hosts a number of powerful technologies that can assist and improve this data transformation process by allowing various data sources to be drawn into workable, controllable forms and presented in clear and descriptive reports and charts, which all can be summed and displayed through effective interfaces such as a simple SharePoint site. By empowering users to forge their raw data into knowledge-sharing formats, businesses can review, drill into and isolate data to the point that better decisions can be reached faster and more efficiently. This course focuses the business user to take their sea of data and distill it into specific, valuable knowledge that can lead to acting wisely upon that knowledge. Some key concepts include:

•Understanding why Business Intelligence is valuable for any business
•Defining and examining important practices for visualizing data
•Applying tools through self-service applications to craft useful knowledge
•Forming effective reporting and charting techniques
•Directing insight through descriptive displays by dashboards
•Understanding and configuring SharePoint and related tools for effective communication
•Leveraging spreadsheet publishing using Excel Services
•Aggregating data into meaningful reports using PowerPivot
•Creating KPIs, Scorecards and Dashboards using PerformancePoint Services

This seminar is meant for information workers, business analysts, report developers and anyone responsible for presenting information and analysis for improved decision making. This is a course geared to business users who want to learn the visual information options of SharePoint 2010.

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