SMX Social Media Marketing Las Vegas 2012




Paid. Earned. Owned. Master social media marketing at SMX Social Media Marketing.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Successful social media marketing means sorting through opportunities, demonstrating results to management, and juggling your limited time and resources.

Whether you’re managing communities or buying social media advertising, SMX Social Media Marketing is your conference. You’ll be inspired by experts, meet others with your challenges, and leave confident you’ll excel in this fast-paced environment.

SMX Social Media Marketing is a two-day, tactic-rich conference that covers all key issues for getting the most out of social marketing, whether you’re tasked with driving organic traffic, managing paid campaigns, or stewarding your company’s brand with online reputation management and customer service.

At SMX Social Media Marketing, you’ll learn how:

-social signals influence search results, and what “organic” social media optimization tactics are delivering for marketers.

-to target your paid social media campaigns. The networks to choose and the effective targeting strategies to employ to reach your customers.

-to listen and respond on social networks to turn detractors into fans…before they tarnish your brand.

-to convince your management that social media networks are critical and get them to support the investment required to be successful.

-to speak with an authentic voice that your customers can relate to, avoiding the pitfalls of your messaging falling flat, or worse, alienating key stakeholders.

-to use tools to leverage and maximize your efforts, and to measure and understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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