Social Media Results Conference London 2013




Best-practice strategies for creating fresh and responsive content to engage your customers and build loyalty. Achieve real, measurable results from integrated, targeted and engaging social media marketing.

Winning Strategies From 21 Brands – Drive Your Social Media To The Next Level & Maximise ROI:

  • Keeping It Fresh, Engaging & Relevant! Consistently produce content which is creative, “shareable” and provokes a two-way conversation
  • Build Loyalty & Create Brand Ambassadors: Monetise your followers and actively engage them to maximise return on investment
  • Gain Customer Insight & Create Targeted Campaigns: Monitor usage for useable consumer data and segmentation strategies
  • Meaningfully Evaluate To Focus Your Resources: Gather usable measurement results to maximise your investments going forward
  • Profitable Integration: Create truly effective multi-channel, integrated campaigns for absolute accountability
  • Spotlight On Existing & Emerging Platforms: Monetising emerging trends, platforms and crazes
  • Open, Honest & Transparent? Increase confidence by striking the right personal/corporate tone of voice
  • When The Firestorm Hits…Managing negative customer feedback wisely and protecting your brand when a crisis hits

Why This Social Media Results Conference:

  • 21 Brands
  • 1 Compact Day
  • 1 ‘Meet The Speakers’ Area
  • 97% Delegate Satisfaction Rate On Average
  • 83%+ Senior, Client-Side Audience Split
  • 150+ Decision-Makers
  • Facilitated Lunchtime Networking Debates: A) Older Generation B) Creativity & Compliance C) Content Strategies D) Shoestring Budgets E) Internal Buy-in
  • User-Generated Content Double Perspective
  • 2 Seperately-Bookable, Post-Conference, Half-Day Workshops AM) Measuring The Unmeasurable PM) Regulated Industry Focus
  • Facilitated Networking
  • Open Q&A
  • Platforms Delegate Debate
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