Social Media Risk Management New York 2012




Social media platforms provide an enormous opportunity for organizations to build employee and brand loyalty, make better decisions and increase their customer base. With this opportunity, however, comes increased risk…

Thousands of companies worldwide are leveraging the power of social media to get closer to consumers, making its use an essential tool for promoting business in a wired world. However, failure to understand the reputational, legal and information security risks of social media has resulted in costly and damaging mistakes.

IQPCs Social Media Risk Management conference will enable you to learn practical advice and information on implementing a comprehensive social media strategy, with policies tailored to the requirements and culture of your business. By attending this in-depth 2-day program, you will gain insights into how other companies are handling social media, see where you are ahead of the curve, and the areas where you lag behind.

The takeaway is simple: harness the undoubted potential of social media, while mitigating the risks presented with its use. This conference will provide you the tools necessary to utilize social media in a safe, risk-free manner, subsequently expanding your business and creating exciting, new opportunities.

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