Social Media Tulsa Conference 2013




Social Media Tulsa Conference is a two-day event comprised of keynotes, case study based sessions, a variety of presentations and an abundance of networking opportunities. Speakers from all over the country will flock to the historic Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, OK to share social media and mobile strategies that have the capacity to create success for businesses, bloggers, and non-profit organizations. Party Aficionado, LLC is excited to bring this growing Social Media Conference to Tulsa.

Featured Sessions:

  • The Relevance Revolution : How Social Media Functions As Life's Big Filter
  • Traffic Building Plugins for Wordpress
  • The New Social Consumer
  • Effective Social Media Strategies to Manage Your Career
  • The Social Nonprofit: Why nonprofits must use social media to engage supporters, but must learn how to use it first.
  • and more
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