Social Now Conference Portugal 2013




An international event with a unique format, conceived to help you choose social tools and identify approaches to improve workforce efficiency. Social collaboration tools are demonstrated as answers to common business case scenarios. A fictitious company will be the focus of all presentations throught the course of the event.

An independent panel digs deeper, highlighting the different aspects which should be considered when choosing a social collaboration tool. Expert professionals bring in their insights about trends, adoption, processes, etc.

Social Now is a celebration of the enterprise 2.0. It is a step towards your organisation as a social organisation: one which values people as repositories, creators and users of key, strategic knowledge.

Besides first-class keynote presentations, useful talks, and plenty of networking opportunities, Social Now “uniqueness” comes from its innovative format:

  • Tool representatives receive a briefing ahead of the event. The briefing includes information about Cablinc and the business case scenario the tool is able to address. Ahead of the event they configure their tool in order to meet the briefing (business use case).
  • Each representative tells the story of how its tool caters for the needs Cablinc.
  • An independent panel will challenge / question the tool representatives, unveiling key factors which should be considered when choosing a social tool for the organisation.
  • After all tools have been presented, participants may request time to meet with tool representatives.
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