Social Recruiting Strategies Conference San Francisco 2013




There’s simply no denying it - Social recruiting has become an integral part of every company’s recruiting strategy. As the workforce grows younger, methods for recruiting candidates are also changing.

HR Pros and recruiters need optimize their strategies by using custom apps, tweets, or vendors to make it easy for company fans, employees, and followers to refer jobs to their own friends and followers. SRSC (Social Recruiting Strategies Conference) 2013 - San Francisco - will offer best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders, recruiting gurus, leading brands and case studies of leading organizations – including Fildelity Investments, UPS, Groupon, Marriott Hotels, NPR and Sodexo.

The three-day conference, January 29 - 31st, offers expert insight into best practices, current trends, metrics, and statistics on today’s talent pool and how to effectively leverage social recruiting strategies to find the best candidates. The event provides sourcers, recruiters, and HR practitioners with information and knowledge to implement immediately to develop and grow your social strategy.

Top 11 Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn to Utilize Social Recruiting to Draw the Top 2 Talent to Your Organization
  • Implement Recruiting Strategies on a Budget
  • Identify Best Practices for Achieving Results
  • Optimize Mobile Recruiting and Maximize ROI
  • Build Your Employer Brand
  • Identify and Implement Strategies for Launching Social Recruiting while Remaining Compliant with Your Company’s Governance
  • Access Key Corporate Case Studies for Effective Social Recruiting
  • Learn how to Make the Most of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Develop a Career Mobile App
  • Network with fellow HR Pros and Recruiters
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