Software Asset Management Strategies Berlin 2013




For almost all companies a functioning SAM or SLM is of great importance as a decisive and transparent approach that helps to prevent a sub-license and their legal consequences and reduce the cost of over-licensing.

In practice, achieving this transparency goal stand but often a number of factors in the way processes and roles between the involved departments are not clearly defined, structural changes in the company lead to renewed deficits in information and software vendors offer continuously new licensing models. In addition, revealing the technological developments in the IT sector (service-oriented architectures, virtualization, cloud computing and mobile devices) not only great savings but also pose potential risks that must be taken into account. Especially when there is no clear management model that is tailored to the individual needs of the company.

Visit the SAMS 2013 and meet and discuss with top speakers and experts from renowned companies. Our interactive B2B platform is an exciting and profitable experience in the heart of Berlin.

Key Issues:

  • GameChanger
  • Management Strategies
  • Management processes
  • Tools and Systems
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