Structure:Data Conference New York 2013




In this data-driven revolution, data is the new gold. At Structure:Data, you’ll learn how to channel the flood of data into actionable information and exploit it for competitive advantage.

For the last several years, GigaOM has been of the forefront of tracking the growth of big data and what it means for industry and society. Structure:Data, now in its third year, assembles over 700 of the world’s leading technologists, practitioners and business leaders to offer solutions and uncover new business opportunities.

Featured Sessions:

  • The Golden Needle in the Haystack: Why Your Next Product is Already Out There
  • Hyper-Connected Big Data - How SDN will Shape Sharing Ecosystems
  • Augmenting Algorithms with Human Input
  • Where is the Big Data Industry Going?
  • Improving Your Primary Product with Big Data Insights
  • Truly Understanding the Infrastructure Needs for Sensor Data
  • Making “Data” into a Platform for your Company
  • and more
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