Symantec Vision 2014 Las Vegas




Symantec Vision exists to deliver the face-to-face insights, information and experiences you need to secure and manage your information-driven organization.

In 2014, that means creating a series of revitalized global Vision events that are more:

  • Accessible. Vision 2014 will start strong with a multi-day, flagship conference May 5-8 in Las Vegas—followed by a series of one- and two-day events in cities across Europe, Asia, Central and South America. This will bring the Vision experience closer to more Symantec customers—and provide a faster-paced, harder-hitting and more hands-on experience for every attendee.
  • Inclusive. The new Vision is designed to cater to IT professionals at every level—with specific content tracks, hands-on experiences and face-to-face interactions for administrators, managers, directors, C-level executives and even small businesses.
  • Relevant. This year, Vision will deliver more of the information, experiences and connections you simply won’t find anywhere else, including exclusive sneak peeks at pre-release Symantec products, detailed roadmap overviews and in-depth hands-on experiences.


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