The B2B Marketing Conference London 2014




Demonstrate ROI, Maximise Long-Term Engagement & Boost Your Multi-Channel & Social Media Impact: Drive Results & Prove Value With Winning B2B Marketing Strategies

1. Boost Your Social Media Impact & ROI: Powerful B2B tools and techniques to successfully reach and engage your audience whilst effectively measuring and demonstrating your impact
2. Successfully Measuring ROI: Proven tools and advice to accurately measure and quantify the value and worth of your marketing activities
3. Implementing Effective B2B Multi-Channel Strategies: Ensuring consistent messages and engagement across the board
4. Maximise Your Online Clout! Digital strategies to make you stand out and make a demonstrable impact online
5. Content Is King! Turn those conversations into conversions with exciting, relevant and tailored messages
6. Intelligent B2B Data & Analytics: Using multiple sources of data effectively for advanced insights, targeting and effortless automation
7. What Is Your Impact On The Sales Pipeline? Pinpoint, track and demonstrate your influence
8. Fostering Loyalty & Deepening Relationships: Maintain and develop your relationships to achieve their maximum potential

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