The Engaging Employees Conference London 2014




Innovative, High-Impact Employee Engagement Strategies: Pioneering Approaches To Boost Organisational Performance, Productivity, Retention & Customer Satisfaction
A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 2nd December 2014, Museum of London Docklands, London.

More Content. More Brands. More Value For Money…All In One Day: Innovative Tools To Engage • Harnessing Key Drivers • Managing Change & Uncertainty • Measuring Engagement • Driving Behavioural Change • Line Manager Insight • Brand Values & Vision • New Technologies • Embedding The Culture • Measuring Success & Impact

Align Engagement Activities With Organisational Goals, Maximise The Long-Term Impact Of Initiatives & Explore Fresh Approaches To Embed A Culture Of Engagement At The Very Heart Of Your Organisation:

1. Reap The Rewards Of Exceptional Engagement: Align engagement initiatives with key strategic goals and brand vision and values to drive outcomes
2. Explore Innovative Tools & Techniques: Implement creative approaches to your tools and channels to foster great two-way communication and collaboration
3. Engage, Communicate & Support Through Change & Uncertainty: Keep employees on message and motivated and allay fears during times of transition and change
4. Are Your Managers Engaging? Build outstanding leadership capability in middle management to drive forward your engagement objectives
5. Drive Major Cultural & Behavioural Change To Embed Engagement: Transition from ad-hoc projects to holistic programmes to weave engagement into the fabric of your organisation
6. Winning Hearts & Minds? Harnessing key drivers of engagement and moving beyond the staff survey to measure satisfaction
7. Embracing New Technologies: Comparing the pros and cons of various new technologies and social media
8. Measure The Success & Impact Of Engagement: Assess how to best use metrics, feedback and impact assessment to quantify success and value

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