The Intersection California 2013




The Intersection is a one-day gathering of innovative thinkers, designed to stir your creative imagination, vision and action-planning strategies. We bring leading innovators from a number of fields to share their thoughts about up-and-coming trends in personal, team and organizational creativity, as well as social impact. Uncover new ideas, tools and “intersections” that can be applied to your personal or professional life and help inspire social change.

The Intersection Event will forge an “intersection” of ideas and commentary between these leading innovators from academia, entrepreneurship, technology, and entertainment. Speakers will spend the prior day together as a group, considering topics that will be shared with the audience at The Intersection.

The Intersection will focus on innovation as an effective way to impact the most critical social and economic challenges of our time – social empowerment, emerging country access to technology, innovation, education, ideas and capital; health and sanitation, poverty, empowerment, and the global environment.

To create the proper mood, we chose the world-renowned Googleplex as the setting for this cutting-edge event. Count on several surprises on-site and opportunities to learn more about what has made Google one of the most successful companies of our time.

This engaging day is designed as an intimate gathering, where you will have time to connect with our speakers to catalyze personal creativity, recharge your focus and consider how innovation impacts social issues today—and in the future.

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