The Un-Conference: 360° of Brand Strategy for a Changing World San Diego 2013




Dedicated solely to the art and science of brand strategy and management, this two-day workshop will be unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced!

For two full days in May 2013, a small, exclusive group of marketers will gather together with legendary marketer John Sculley and the senior partners of The Blake Project to create a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience dedicated to all aspects of building successful brands for the 21st century.

Intensive and illuminating, this workshop will equip participants with the insight, tools and techniques required to release the full potential of their brands in a new era where consumers / customers now drive and own the conversation about brands.

It’s not the typical conference format of talking heads and distance between you and the experts. These two days are interactive working days where you will take a deep-dive immersion on the most important aspects of creating innovative brand-building strategies – all presented in a unique and competitive team environment.

For two days, participants in the Un-Conference will explore useful ideas and best practices on critical topics of brand strategy and management that impact marketing success in today’s ever changing marketplace:

  • The Five Drivers of Customer Brand Insistence
  • Using Market Research to Craft the Most Powerful Brand Position
  • Understanding Customers’ Motivations
  • Understanding the Customer Benefit Hierarchy
  • The Six Most Powerful Sources of Brand Differentiation
  • Creating a “Category of One” Brand
  • Branding Commodities
  • The Art of Brand Storytelling
  • Customer Touch Point Design
  • The Art and Science of Brand Extensions

These two days are reserved for those marketers who want to change the world by creating more value than ever before for those customers that are most important to their brand’s future. Working in small, intimate groups is the best way to to help you get there. That’s why we have limited The Un-Conference Workshop to 100 people, 10 teams of ten, 10 tables, one room and one focus.

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