The Value of Social: Maximizing Social Tools on Your Intranet Seminar New York 2013




Social business is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives and we are seeing a huge change in how people collaborate and share information, with the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, transforming how we now communicate with each other.

Gartner is predicting that social networking services will replace email by 2014 and McKinsey and Company has reported that the revenue growth of social businesses is 24% higher than less social firms.

With all this in mind, it is no surprise that a social intranet is now becoming an essential tool for the majority of organizations in helping employees collaborate and perform better in their daily work.

It is not easy though to bring social into the workplace, with senior management in many organizations still fearing its impact on productivity. If you are struggling to get buy-in for introducing social tools to your business or simply donít know where to start then join us for this New York seminar.

This seminar will see industry experts and intranet practitioners discuss:

  • The importance of integrating social tools into your organizations intranet and not have them stand alone from the daily business tasks of employees
  • Strategies on how to successfully implement social tools to improve collaboration and communication in your organization
  • How to convince others that social tools can bring massive improvements to employee performance and productivity
  • Planning your social collaboration strategies to ensure a high level of adoption is achieved from the start

This is a great opportunity to hear practical, real-world advice and learn best practices on how to transform your intranet into a social hub of activity, to better engage your employees and drive real business results.

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