transVergence Summit California 2013




The conference that gives you the tools you need to understand and create cross-platform, transmedia storytelling. Today's audiences expect more from their entertainment, gameplay and even their advertising. They demand engagement — and that's exactly what you'll master at the TransVergence Summit.

Only at the Summit will you meet such a cross-section of high-level creatives and marketing executives who work collaboratively on multiplatform, immersive projects and brands.

Here, you’ll get an exclusive look at the latest trends in the rapidly merging worlds of technology, story and branded content. You'll see the latest tools and platforms, and you'll meet the people who could greenlight and fund your latest project or technological breakthrough.

You’ll also take part in interactive panel discussions and see essential case studies covering every aspect of content management: creation, engagement, experience and delivery.

You'll participate in such essential sessions as:

  • The Future of Content — Transmedia and Cross-Platform Storytelling
  • Branded Content and Entertainment
  • The Art of Integrating Story and Brands
  • It Starts With the Word — Reflections from WGA
  • PGA — The Transmedia Producer
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