UP 2012 Cloud Computing Conference San Francisco 2012




One of the biggest and oldest cloud events with world class lineup of speakers. Join people like you - beginners, intermediate and advanced level to get solutions that can be applied today and tomorrow.

Conference Topics:

•Enterprise Automation and DevOps
•Infrastructure and Operations
•Business Agility and Continuity
•Cloud Mobility
•Transition, Integration & Process Optimization
•Big Data, BI and Knowledge Management
•Standards, Governance & Security
•Cloud Adoption & Case Studies

We understand that there are several like-minded events you can attend. How do you make your decision? We believe there are several important factors that make Cloudcor’s conference better than other industry events. We invite you to consider the factors outlined below when making your decision. We believe you’ll find our differentiators clearly evident.

Gain access to exclusive cutting edge cloud computing thought leadership. UP'12 provides global / multinational end-users, as well as public / private sector executives access to exclusive content, from Cloud experts who are driving the future of Cloud Computing.

Through our rigorous selection process, you can be sure, every session that makes the final agenda has been included based on merit, alignment, and importance so your time is well spent. UP'12 is a hybrid format conference which means you can either choose to participate in person at our physical event, or you can watch all proceedings virtually via the internet. Learn about next generation cloud strategies, based on proven models and customer use cases, ensuring that your move to embrace the cloud is successful at the first time of asking.

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