Virtual Community Summit London 2013




VirComm is the UK’s first and only conference dedicated to Community Management. Born out of the e-mint community (the largest and oldest international group of Online Community Managers), VirComm was created in response to the need to share resources, best practices, information and ideas in a face to face environment as well as online.

VirComm is not your average conference. We are keen to maintain a relaxed atmosphere through engaged roundtables and panels – audience participation is key!

Attend VirComm to:

•Stay up-to-date with the latest thinking and best practice in the Community Management profession
•Gain insights from peers through networking
•Bridge knowledge gaps
•Forge new relationships and contacts
•Help formalise a community strategy
•Participate in hands on workshops where problems and scenarios can be worked through collaboratively
•Grow your community and leverage its many benefits
•Connect with established experts

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