Warm Crocodile Developer Conference Copenhagen 2013




Say hello to a new and exiting developer conference in Copenhagen, the Wonderful Copenhagen, here you will experience a conference stretching over 2 days, with a lot of great content, presentatioens from extremely cool and gifted people, here you can build or re-build your network, experience and watch a list of great demo's as well as see some cool stuffed animals.

Conferences is not about content only, hey, read a book if you think so, or write one if you have the time :0) Conferences is about all the people that join in, the penguins, the family, the ones that wants to be something more than someone who writes code behind a screen, one that love being with other fellow technical peeps, those who like being embraced and celebrated because of their talents and commitment. The ones who likes and wants to be listened to.

We want to create a brand, a conference brand that promises to deliver on set of great things, both people and content, but also, and just as much fun and partying and networking. Oh yeah, and a conference should not cost a fortune to experience, and the experience should be so much more than the actual conference.

Featured Sessions:

  • Understanding TDD, from scratch
  • Async programming in C# 5.0
  • Windows Azure as a startup foundation: start small, grow big
  • Unit Testing best practices and horrible mistakes
  • Brewing Beer with Windows Azure
  • How AppHarbor uses AppHarbor to build AppHarbor
  • A Call To Arms - The Future of Async IO in .NET Open Source
  • LINQ to Everything
  • and more!
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