Wearables DevCon San Francisco 2014




If you are designing, building, or developing applications for the upcoming Wearables technology revolution, you need to come to Wearables DevCon!

Wearable computing devices are the next Big Wave in technology. And the winning developers in the next decade are going to be the ones who take advantage of these new technologies EARLY and build the next generation of red-hot apps.

Learn how to develop for the coolest gadgets and next generation of computing devices like Google Glass, FitBit, Pebble, the SmartWatch 2, Jawbone, and the Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.

Move past the hype about wearable technology! Wearables DevCon is for the Designers, Builders and Developers of wearable computing devices. Not for the VCs, not the gawkers and the curious - for the day to day practitioners, for those actually in the vanguard of the movement, driving it forward on a technical level.

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