WebCoast Gothenburg 2013




A physical meeting place for those of us who work, play and socialise on the web. A market place where we can exchange ideas and opinions, knowledge and inspiration. We offer you a weekend in which you can expand your knowledge and your network of contacts, a weekend you will remember and benefit from for years to come.

WebCoast is the conference for you:

  • if you want to meet like-minded people who work, play or socialise on the Web
  • if you want to participate in broad as well as in-depth discussions about trends in digital communication
  • if you want to take part in a conference that will really help you extend your network

To participate in a pot-luck conference means you can talk with whomever you want, about whatever you want, and attend whichever lectures or debates that interest you. WebCoast is West Sweden’s first participant-driven event – an “unconference” – focusing on communication, web users and web developers. You will not find a predetermined agenda with hired speakers; instead all the participants will collectively help fill the conference with content on the spot. Bring your knowledge, your questions, your ideas and thoughts. They are WebCoast’s building blocks.

You’re even welcome yourself to present a lecture or lead a discussion. To do that, just book yourself a slot on the conference notice board.

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