Webinar: One-to-One Marketing Made Easy with Big Data




In this free live webinar with Forrester Research, Marketers and their Digital Agencies will learn best practices for leveraging their many sources of customer data to optimize both cross-channel offers and digital ad targeting.

Join customer interaction expert and Forrester Senior Analyst, Rob Brosnan, and technology veteran and Causata VP Marketing, Brian Stone, as they present, demonstrate and discuss solutions for marketers to create micro-segments in order to personalize their offers, content and ads across digital and traditional channels.

B2C marketers that analyze their customers’ interactions through cross-channel customer intelligence and predictive analytics will gain a competitive edge by providing more personalized and relevant experiences to their customers.

What you'll learn from attending this webinar:

  • A common framework for how marketers can move beyond traditional advertising and direct marketing campaigns to optimize their interactions with customers across email, the web and digital ads
  • Case studies for how real-world marketers at leading brands are creating meaningful customer experiences through data without requiring a team of data scientists
  • A software demo of Causata’s Enterprise-class 1st-party Data Management Platform, which stitches together customer data across multiple online and offline sources to create customer identities and personalized offers, ads and content in ‘web-time’
  • A live discussion and Q&A on 1:1 Marketing and real-time interaction management
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