World IA Day Los Angeles 2013




On February 9, 2013 the IA Institute and a team of global sponsors and local coordinators will convene fifteen meetings all around the world in support and celebration of information architecture.

In some of the languages and regions we practice in, the words for “architecture” and “design” are quite different; in others: it’s the same word. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to understand if, when and how the discourses of architecture and design diverge and overlap?

In 2013, the Information Architecture Institute seeks to facilitate a global conversation about “the architecture part” of IA and to focus the 2nd annual World IA Day on generating ideas and artifacts that allow greater understanding of what we mean when we say “architecture” and when we say “design” in our research and practice.

No two World IA Day programs will be the same—and everyone’s welcome to participate. That means if you’re a student, IA practitioner, or just someone who has an interest in IA, it’s a great chance to get engaged, and network with like-minded folks in your part of the world who know and love IA.

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