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2013 News & Analysis

A Look Back: Digital Marketing Trends from 2013

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As we wrap up 2013, let's look back to see what made digital marketing news in the past 365 days or so.

From what we can tell, the biggest challenge that still remains is for digital marketers to show their worth. In fact, it's what keeps them up at night -- providing ROI to executives. 

Digital marketers and CMOs want a seat at the table where big business decisions are made. But executives want them to earn it. And with barriers like these, it's not easy. 

A Look Back: DAM Trends from 2013

Many questions

DAM, it’s that time of year again – to look backward at the soon-to-be-ancient-history of the past year in digital asset management (DAM).

It's a broad topic. DAM refers to the rules and processes an organization puts in place to manage, retrieve and distribute their digital media, such as photos, videos, PDFs, presentations and documents. It's more than an asset repository, though. DAM provides support for key workflows such as approval loops and virtual collaboration that add value to their media assets.

So let's take a look at some key trends.

Apple Announces WWDC for June, Tickets Onsale Thursday

 applelogo.pngApple has just announced that tickets for its next Worldwide Developer Conference event will go onsale tomorrow with developers likely to get their hands on the next innovations in iOS and OS-X. 

Facebook App of the Week: Social Media Campaigns with Constant Contact

During the month of February at CMSWire our theme is "Better Web Experiences with Marketing Automation" and with that in mind our Facebook App of the Week is Constant Contact, a marketing automation tool.

Samsung Stretches Smartphone Market Lead, Celebrates With Record Quarter

Thumbnail image for galaxynote.jpgThe latest IDC figures show the South Korean company moving further ahead of Apple, at the same time as Samsung reports another record quarter. 

Apple Earns $13.1 Billion in First Quarter Profits, Sells 75 Million iOS Devices

applelogo.png On sales of 47.8 million iPhones and 22 million iPads, Apple has recorded $54.5 billion in revenue and $13.1 billion in profit in a single quarter. 

2013 Collaboration Predictions: Connectivity, Personalization, Collaboration Reputation

Connectivity, customization and collaborative reputation are just a few of the forces that will change the way we work in 2013.

2013 Collaboration Predictions: Video Conferencing, Big Data Collaboration, Workplace Changes

2013 promises to transform the way we work: in terms of space, in how we handle big data, and in what we demand from collaboration technologies.

2013 Collaboration Predictions: HR Collaboration Tools, 3D Printing

The pace of change from technology is speeding up. So how will 2013 be different than 2012? Will 2013 actually be the “year of collaboration?”  This is something people have been predicting every year for the last 20 years. I can remember writing articles in 1990 about “will this be the year for GroupWare?”

2013: The Year of the Customer and Rise of the Data Driven Marketer

As I predicted at the beginning of last year, Big Data emerged as one of the headline grabbing topics of the year. It’s a buzzword for sure, but it is also one of the most powerful secret weapons that companies can use to drive the customer experience.

Four Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know

While 2012 was a memorable year for Web content management, 2013 will prove to be the year WCM makes its greatest impact, becoming the bedrock of the digital entity of any public institution, business or brand powerhouse. At least the ones that will remain relevant in the 21st century.

This Week: 2013 Will Be More Mobile, Social, Analytical and Cloudy

Saying Goodbye to 2012
2012 was a year of great discussions. The views were varied and the ideas were thought-provoking. As you leave 2012 behind, take some time to look at the top Customer Experience, Social Business and Information Management articles of 2012 on CMSWire.

Digital Business in 2013
Much of the focus in 2012 has carried forward to this new year. It's not that things remain the same, it's that digital business has become even more critical than ever. You need to have the right strategies in place to succeed.

Key topics we'll explore this year continue to be social, mobile and the cloud. And you can bet we won't overlook the persistent love of "big data".

For those who focus on the internal aspects of social business, consider how putting HR at the forefront of social initiatives will drive employee engagement.

Thanks for being an ongoing part of our vibrant community in 2013!

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