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451 Group News & Analysis

451 Group Acquires Yankee Group

The 451 Group, parent company of enterprise IT research/advisory firm 451 Research and digital infrastructure services provider Uptime Institute, is purchasing mobile technology research/consulting company Yankee Group from private equity firm Alta Communications.

The Rise of Information Governance

In the Terminator series, the evil computer network Skynet leads the rise of machines in an effort to destroy humanity. Hopefully things won't go that far in a new report called The Rise of Information Governance, which tackles the often complex, confusing and confounding issues of information management and all that it encompasses.

The report, written by the 451 Group, attempts to define information governance, as well as examine the market dynamics and drivers, adoption trends and profiles of 15 vendors working towards information governance zen.

Open Source is Wide Open to Investment

The 451 Group's Commercial Adoption of Open Source (CAOS) Research Service has recently released a report entitled "Open to Investment." Mainly, it looks at the growing open source market and OS venture funding trends since 1997.

The premise is that the market is as viable as the amount of funding it gets from private investors. The outlook is optimistic, almost fairy tale-like. But not without a mention of dark forces.

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