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4G News & Analysis

The Internet of Things Brings Connected Cars to Life at #CES2014

Internet of things.jpg

The Internet of Things is affecting pretty much everything at the 2014 International CES taking place in Las Vegas. Cars are in the vanguard of this change, as various players try to get their services inside more vehicles, and inside the mind and wallet of the driver. 

With cars now packing 4G, working smoothly with a smartwatch or phone, and with access to masses of data, soon the seat of your car could be just as homey as the couch. 

A Better LTE iPhone 5 Coming To T-Mobile and Apple Stores

applelogo.png Apple will release a new unlocked model of the iPhone 5 in its own stores and through T-Mobile in a couple of weeks, adding advanced wireless services for improved LTE performance. 

Amazon Cuts Pricing of Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Launches In Europe and Japan

kindle_fire_hd_newthumb.jpg The big brother of Amazon's Kindle family has received a price cut in the U.S., while it arrives in new territories to tempt users looking to expand beyond their 7" small-screen borders.

BlackBerry Z10 Available to Pre-Order from Tuesday at AT&T

bb10_logo.JPG if you want to upgrade your BB device or get back in the BlackBerry fold, the new Z10 smartphone model will be available for $199 on a two year contract. Americans can pre-order it from tomorrow at AT&T.


iOS 6.1 Released for iPhone and iPad, Adds Minor Features and Updates

applelogo.png       Those on LTE networks with the latest model iOS devices get better support from the new Apple update, while Passbook, iTunes Match and a few other features get a quick touch-up. 

Nokia's Free Mapping App Rolls Out on iOS

nokiahere_tab.bmp Frustrated by the iOS 6 native Maps app and lack of Google's old app? Nokia has you covered with its well-regarded "Here" app now available on iPhone and iPad.

Apple Stock Price Bounces Back, Thanks to AC/DC and eBay?

applelogo.png Apple's star-kissed run may finally have come to end on the stock market, despite the company's recent run of launches and with more positive news coming out. Is reality finally knocking down Apple's distortion field?

LTE-Equipped iPad 4 and iPad Minis Go Onsale Today

 applelogo.pngThose who were waiting for the mobile-equipped versions of the latest iPads can now rush out to the store and bask in their 4G goodness, and the ensuing huge data bills. 

BlackBerry Planning A New Tablet and Smartphones for 2013

rimlogo.jpgThere are many questions over RIM's ability to deliver BlackBerry 10 OS and the new device hardware. However, if it does achieve its aims, a leaked roadmap shows where these new devices are headed, even as new current-gen models launch around the world. 

Apple iPad Goes 'Cellular' to Address 4G Marketing Complaints

Apple iPad Goes 'Cellular' to Address 4G Marketing ComplaintsThe term "cellular" may have gone out of fashion with the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and various mobile data technologies. However, Apple is taking one step back in terms of branding and marketing, due to complaints over its "4G" moniker on its new iPad.

4G and Apps Leading the Mobile Data Charge, as Voice Calls Drop Off

Thumbnail image for shutterstock_96453623.jpg Data is going mobile and web services are increasingly being used on phones, if you're not responding to the rise in mobile, then expect your business to plummet. They are some of the findings of Chetan Sharma's State of the Global Mobile Report.

New iPad Sells Three Million, Hot in Many Senses

ipad3thumb.jpg While the wide-ranging points of sale meant there were few huge queues for the press to get excited about, Apple still managed to notch up a blazing three million sales over its opening weekend, but will heat prove the enemy of the new tablet?

iPad 3 Launch Day Arrives, Keep Up With the Latest News

appleinvite_thumb.jpg Today, Apple launched the new iPad. While most of the tech specs had already leaked, leave it to Apple to surprise us with new apps, content and the odd treat. See what the company revealed to keep things magical.

Black Friday Smartphone, Tablet Bargains: Mad, Sublime or Desperate?

amazon_store_logo_2011.jpgWith the big news that Amazon has put a great range of smartphones (except iPhones) on sale for just a cent on a two-year contract, others are slashing and burning, depending on need.

Amazon's $199 'Kindle Fire' to Spark the Tablet Market?

 Amazon's $199 'Kindle Fire' to Spark the Tablet Market?Amazon's Kindle Fire has just been officially unveiled, bringing Android tablets at a killer price point and sold as a mass-market content-consumption device, plus a new, cheaper, Kindle Touch.

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