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Open Source Search Goes Commercial

In early June the open source search business arguably came of age when Elasticsearch closed on a $70M tranche of Series C investment funding. Elasticsearch is supported by both an open source search community and a commercial search business. In November 2012 the company received $10M in a Series A investment funding which was followed by a further $24M in a Series B funding in February 2013 -- making the total of investment funding now $104M.

Series C funding is usually seen as a substantial level of endorsement of the future of the company by the venture capital investment community. The next level, Series D, is seen as a prelude either to an Initial Public Offering or a trade sale.

Attivio and QlikTech Partner to Improve Analytics Data

Attivio and QlikTech, a business intelligence company, have announced that they will be working together to improve the analytics field. 

Attivio Gets US$8 Million in Funding, An Addition to $34 Million from October

Active Intelligence Company, Attivio has announced that it has been granted US$ 8 million in growth funding, its second grant in less than six months.

Tibco and Attivio Introduce Solution for Better Insights into All Your Data

attivioLogo.jpgAs information volume and diversity continues to expand, many organizations are struggling with how gain a view that both holistic and consumable. Enterprise middleware provider TIBCO and data integration vendor Attivio have announced a new partnership that provides at least one solution.

Attivio Brings Action and Intelligence to Unified Information Access

attivioLogo.jpgYou may have noticed an artificial split between where search engines end and information management begins. With the launch of Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine 3.0 (AIE 3.0) disparate content and data is reorganized and unified so it can be found and used to reframe and rethink business challenges and processes.

Attivio Embraces Extreme Information

Attivio Embraces Extreme Information Attivio (news, site) announced modules for its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). The new modules enhance Attivio’s AIE platform with better support for big data and recommendation and classification engines.

Attivio’s SharePoint Integrator Finds Structured and Unstructured Content

attivo_logo_2009.jpg For companies that having difficulties finding and tracking their content across SharePoint 2010, this week’s release of Attivio’s (news, site) Active Intelligence Engine for SharePoint integration will be a major step forward.

IDC Highlights The Next Wave of Information Access Companies

IDC_logo_2010.jpgInformation access, if it isn't already a big issue for your business, is going to be massive as we approach data meltdown in the coming years, IDC names those who could save us.

Attivio Announces High Sales, New Partnerships and Plum Award(s)

attivo_logo_2009.jpgWith search such a hot topic these days for both enterprise content management and web content management, it's probably not such a stretch that a provider of unified information access solutions, like Attivio (news, site), is doing so well.

Red Herring Lists eZ Systems, Telerik, Attivio Among Top Companies for 2009

redherring_logo_2010.jpgThe Red Herring list of the most impressive worldwide 100 private tech companies features some familiar names to the CMS crowd.

Attivio AIE Unifies Structured and Unstructured Information

attivo_logo_2009.jpgA company getting a lot of attention these days is Attivio. And not just because it's packed with former FAST search executives, but because it offers a solution that will provide you a 360 degree view of your customer by bringing together enterprise search and business intelligence/data warehousing information. It's called Unified Information Access and it helps you understand exactly what your customer is saying. 

CMSWire spoke with Andrew McKay, Senior Vice President and MaryAnne Sinville, VP Marketing at Attivio to get a view into the world of Unified Information Access and a look at the Active Intelligence Engine.

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