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Aberdeen Research: Mobile Apps Power Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise mobile apps enable organizational transformation and have become essential tools for any company seeking operational efficiency. A new Aberdeen research brief, “Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps -- Powering Organizational Transformation,” provides some hard data to support the assertion that mobile apps now qualify as business-critical technology.

Marketing Execs Should Focus on Targeting, Personalization

Marketing executives will find targeting and personalization as major catalysts for their professional activities in 2013, according to a new Analyst Insight from consulting firm Aberdeen Group – “Targeting and Personalization Drives the Marketing Executive’s Agenda for 2013.”

Don't Forget! Video & Mobile Collaboration Cut through Sales, Marketing Noise

We've all heard of the learning curve; the scale and pace at which people retain and remember information. But, there's also a forgetting curve, and people will delete emails and voice mails if they aren't†memorable, a big problem for sales people and marketers.

Report: Video To Take Its Place Among Digital Marketing Tools

According to several reports, the use of video as a marketing tool can certainly bring good things. One such report by the Aberdeen Group confirms this theory.

Aberdeen Research: Social, Mobile, Cloud Convergence Requires User Experience Focus

Social, mobile and cloud technology are each having an enormous impact on enterprise computing. But the technologies aren’t just having big effect independently: they are converging and providing organizations new opportunities to deliver information and services. With the many benefits also come challenges.

Accenture 2011 Global Risk Management Study: Important, Startling, but Deceiving Results

Despite the apparent sampling bias in this Accenture study, the study’s shocking results -- some of which I highlight in this article -- still reveal interesting and important insights into how risk management philosophy and practices may have shifted and progressed since Accenture’s last study in 2009.

Nine Steps to Improve Business Collaboration

Here are nine steps to help you improve collaboration processes in your organization.

5 Reasons Organizations Require Real Time Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration is challenging for many organizations, but it has also become a necessity. Here are five reasons why real time collaboration is required.

SMB Tech Roll-up: HP Woos SMBís With IT for Everything, ERP the Key to Business Success?

This week in the SMB space we see HP continuing its overtures to the SMB market, which it started earlier this year. While it has already spent time and money targeting larger SMBs, this time it’s going for the micro market. Meanwhile offers Jigsaw now and mobile Chatter later.

Report: Next Generation Web CMS Must Unify Operations, Intelligence

The days of the web content management systems existing only to support website publishing are in the past. Consumers demand precise and personal information and, organization deliver this, if they want to build the brand and make the sale.

According to a recent research report from the Aberdeen Group†(download the PDF), 67% of respondents are using separate technologies for Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Campaign Management, CRM and Web Content Management (WCM).

The result? It is very difficult to for them to offer the seamless, personalized multi-channel experience needed to engage their customers and prospects.

According to Aberdeen, the next generation web content management system needs to bridge the inter-system gap -- providing marketers with actionable insights that can support and enhance online engagement.†

To find out more about the challenges for today's marketers and how the next generation of web content management system can support them, check out the Aberdeen Group's report (hosted by Sitecore) entitled†Next Generation WCM: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges and The Future of WCM.

Best in Class 2008 Email Security Solutions

Best in Class 2008 Email Security Solutions

Just in time for Halloween, the 2008 Email Security Report: Combating Spam, Data Loss, Fraud, Zombies, Non-Compliance and Sabotage has been released.

While the threat of malicious emails threatens information security, and phishing scams seem to increase each year, this report — researched and written by the Aberdeen Group — didn’t focus on the frightening implications of these threats. Instead, it highlighted the best solutions for companies to employ to combat these security risks.

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