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Actiance Wants to Help Companies Curb Social Media Mistakes

New York politician Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. Actor Ashton Kutcher's defense of the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Former corporate communication director Justine Sacco's racist comment.

If mistakes like these have taught us nothing else, it's that social media can create viral reactions that linger on and on. It also proves that, contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as bad publicity.

What are the consequences?  In an office environment, not only is a job on the line for the offending employee, but companies can easily find themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit filed by the offended worker.

What's worse, many companies have yet to establish social media polices — and even some that do adopt policies find they may violate federal labor laws.

Actiance Captures Enterprise Social Media Data in Alcatraz

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Social business is the norm for most companies these days. But those enterprise social conversations can be hard to track and re-assemble if a company has compliance or other legal requirements.

This week, governance platform provider Actiance revealed a cloud-based archive designed to accommodate the context of social media, a new product that goes by the catchy name of Alcatraz. 

Actiance Adds Social Content Review Feature to Socialite

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Communication, collaboration and social media governance platform Actiance released a new feature that allows a user to approve and review social content through multiple reviewers on Socialite, its social engagement and compliance product.

Actiance Enhances Social Compliance Platform Support for Lync, Jive

Actiance Enhances Vantage Compliance Platform.png

For some regulated industries like finance, social business can become a social headache. To lessen that headache, Actiance’s Vantage flagship product for compliance management of all social business channels provides audits, content inspection and archiving, and now the company is out with its 2013 version. 

Actiance Unveils iPhone App for Compliant Mobile Social Media Engagement

The time has come -- Actiance is going mobile. The company announced this week its Socialite Engage mobile app for iPhone, providing on-the-go access to its social media management platform. 

Actiance Predicts Social Governance, Increased Complexity as 2013 Social Business Trends

actiance_logo_2011.jpgCurious about what’s on the horizon for social business in this new year? According to its recently released predictions, Actiance expects social governance, compliance requirements and the increased use of social networks to directly affect social business strategies for 2013.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Twitter, Badgeville, Ensighten, Digitas, Broadvision and Siteworx (8-Nov-12)

Start off Fall with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Actiance Integrates with, Tracks Social Media Activity Across Sales

Thumbnail image for actiance_logo_2011.jpg Actiance is integrating its Socialite social media management platform with through a new connector. Socialite provides granular control for social networking sites, including the specific ability to manage access and content shared across 200 features on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant

Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant Adhering to electronic communications laws in the realm of social business can be tricky. Hoping to ease the process, Jive has partnered with Actiance, a company bent on improving the security, management and compliance of unified communications. 

Actiance Socialite Engage Lets Regulated Industries Benefit from Social Media

actiance_logo_2011.jpgActiance has been busy regulating social conversations taking place across social media. From LinkedIn to Facebook, it  enables the automatic discovery of personal and corporate accounts all in an effort to monitor and archive content. This week, Actiance introduced Socialite Engage, a new platform designed to empower content sharing, customer engagement and impact analytics.

Actiance Socialite Regulates Social Interactions on Facebook

hdr_ActianceLogo5.gifActiance (news, site), made strides to keep social media relevant and compliant for organizations when it partnered with LinkedIn last month. This week, the company is diving even further into the pool by monitoring Facebook Group, Fan and Personal pages in the same manner. 

Regulate Your Social with Actiance, LinkedIn

hdr_ActianceLogo5.gifSocial media can facilitate great conversations. Yet, for those in highly regulated industries, social media often hinders their ability to stay compliant and relevant. While not all social networks can be altered to provide secure and monitored access, some are making strides. Case in point: Actiance (formerly FaceTime Communications), which monitors and captures social media communications for archival, has joined forces with LinkedIn.

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