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Adam Pisoni News & Analysis

Yammer Co-Founder Wants to Change Your Work - Again


Adam Pisoni likes to change lives — or at least the way people work.

Pisoni and former PayPal COO David Sacks founded Yammer in 2008.

The enterprise social network arguably changed the way millions of people work. Microsoft bought Yammer for $1.2 billion in 2012.

Three years later, Pisoni is still trying to create change.

This time, he's trying to instigate an entire ideological shift in the way enterprises approach work. In February, he left Microsoft to devote more attention to a number of things, including a project called

Yammer Co-Founder Adam Pisoni on Collaboration, Transparency and Security

Yammer Co-Founder Adam Pisoni on the Future of CollaborationA little over a year ago, I interviewed Adam Pisoni, co-founder of Yammer, shortly after it had been bought by Microsoft. There was much speculation at the time on how and when Yammer would fit into the Microsoft Office Division’s products.

We recently regrouped. Between Microsoft’s new CEO and Adam’s reaction to my predictions for collaboration in 2014, we had a very interesting discussion.

Adam Pisoni on Yammer's Long-Term Vision & Future with Microsoft

In this final installment of my interview with Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni, we discuss the role of culture in social business, Yammer's long-term vision and the future of Yammer with Microsoft.

Yammer Co-founder Adam Pisoni on Collaboration Roadblocks

Continuing my conversation with co-founder Adam Pisoni, we discuss Yammer's integration strategy, and the two things he thinks get in the way of most collaboration. He'll take a look at how business models are changing and driving more value out of employees, how space effects collaboration and how communication drives everything!

Thoughts on the Future of Collaboration From Yammer Co-founder Adam Pisoni

I interviewed Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni about a month after Yammer's acquisition by Microsoft, and he had a few things to say about collaborative tool winners and losers, and why he thinks 70 percent of IT collaboration projects fail.

Managing the Enterprise Tablet Transformation #info360

There’s no denying that the mobile workforce is a hot topic at info360. But it’s surprising to see how much traffic the tablet is getting. There are panels, sessions and exhibits dedicated to the tablet and how to integrate it into the enterprise.

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