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Sing a Little Song, Do a Little Dance: Get Down with Google

Google is introducing new all singing, all dancing ads. Well, nearly. Google is in the process of testing its new "Listen Now" service ads in partnership with Spotify, Rhapsody and Apple’s Beats Music.

The service works in much the same way other Google searches work with one execption. When users search for music, Google displays the results — along with at least three links to music streaming services and stores.

Google Sells More Ads Quicker in Q3

If Google has been struggling to find a solution to falling mobile advertising prices, it appears to have found a solution this quarter: sell more ads and sell them quicker. It may seem simple, but it has taken Google a while to come up with it. The result is a spectacular 12 percent rise in revenues to $14.9 billion year-over-year, with profits close to $3 billion -- and a promise of more to come in future quarters.

Google's New Paid & Organic Report in AdWords Shows Marketers Search Overlaps

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Google paid and organic report AdWordsHow does performance compare between a paid Google ad, an organic search listing or the two combined? A new AdWords report, recently released by Google, is designed to help answer that question.

Google Pockets US$ 14 Billion in Q2, Focus Still on Mobile

Google announced it brought in US$14 billion in revenue in the second quarter this year, and while executives focused on big initiatives like Google Glass and Balloon, most eyes were on Motorola, and the success of the Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords.

Turn Google Analytics into A/B Testing Tool with Content Experiments API

image-googleanalyticscontentexperiments-2013.pngOver the last year, Google has been tracking feedback on its Content Experiments testing tool, and now it's been released as an API so testing website changes can be done without redirects.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner to Replace Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Planner to Replace Keyword ToolGoogle's AdWords Keyword Tool allows marketers to see which keywords to focus campaigns on, but it's going to be replaced soon by the Keyword Planner that will only show historical stats for exact matches.

Google AdWords Gets Image Extensions Tool

Google AdWords Introduces Image Extension

In advertising it’s all about presentation and Google Adwords wants to improve how well this resonates through a new tool that allows companies to attach images to search-engine based advertisements.

Google Updates Enhanced Campaigns For Google+, In App Mobile Ads

At the end of last week, Google announced its figures for Q1 that showed Google up 16% on the year. Google cited increasing willingness by enterprises to use mobile advertising and Google tools as one of the reasons for the lift. This week it offers upgrades to those marketing tools with enhanced campaign improvements for Google+ and mobile apps.

Google's TrueView Video Ads' Success Shows Promise of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns #adtechsf

When Google talks about digital marketing most people likely think of its AdWords technology and search ads. As such, the main topic of Susan Wojcicki, Google's SVP of adertising, at the AdTech conference was YouTube's TrueView technology and how it tracks for the success of the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns roll out.

Enhancements to Google AdWords End Tablet-Specific Campaigns: Industry Responds

Search engine giant Google is changing its AdWords online advertising engine by offering “enhanced campaigns” designed to seamlessly cross devices.

To Simplify Multi-Device Ads, Google Offers 'Adwords Enhanced Campaigns'

With so many devices being used by connected consumers, advertisers have their hands full in trying to key their messages to multiple platforms. To help simplify things, Google has announced its Adwords Enhanced Campaigns. 

Google Adds New Features to Adwords for Video

Google has announced three new measurement features to improve the quality, look and efficiency of its Adwords for Video service.

Google's AdWords Bringing in $100 Million Per Day

Google's recent financials show money pouring in through the AdWords channel, but the balance is changing as new WordStream research shows. 

Google Analytics Data Can Now Be Added to AdWords

Want better information about where visitors to your site go, after they’ve clicked on your AdWords ads and reached your site? Google is now offering the ability to link your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account. 

Mute That Google Display Ad With the [x] Icon

It's not often that we use the letter "x" enclosed in brackets in our article titles. But we feel that this small little [x] will be relevant in improving customer experience, as Google has introduced a way for web readers to mute display advertisements with a few clicks.

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