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Document Management Roll-up: Google Fixes Outlook Glitch, No MS Office For Blackberry, iPhone

Microsoft has received a lot of attention this week with the technical preview version of its soon-to-be-released upgraded Dynamics CRM and the announcement of no mobile Office solution for the iPhone. Google also kept Microsoft in the news patching a glitch in the connector between Outlook and Gmail accounts. But it wasn't all about Microsoft - not completely.

KMWorld Releases its List of 100 Companies That Matter

km_logo.jpgThe knowledge management site KMWorld has produced its list of the outfits making waves in the world of data awareness. Is anyone you know on the list? The answer is a resounding yes.

SMB Tech Roll-up: Video Email Booms, Symantec Gets Out SMB Edition

This week, new research shows a huge increase in the use of video email in SMBs. In the meantime, Symantec released email security SMB edition with simplified licensing.

Alfresco Offers Cloud-based SMB Edition of its Enterprise CMS

Alfresco_logo_2009.jpgECM company Alfresco (news, site) heads for the clouds with a small biz beta version of its social ECM, hosted on Amazon EC2.

Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in March 2010

Welcome to the March installment of our what's coming from the open source CMS projects in the next month.

If you're looking through here and feel that your project was left out, we invite you to send us an email at with a pointer to who we should contact at your project for updates.

DocZone XML Content Management Get a New Pay Per Page Pricing Model

DocZone XML Content Management Get a New Pay Per Page Pricing Model The XML content management system vendor DocZone (news, site) which was bought out last year by Really Strategies (news, site) has just added another pricing scheme to its SaaS offering for publishers and technical writers, by offering them the option to pay-per-page.

Under the new pay-per-page option, users will be given full system capabilities for editorial and production with access to all features, the amount they pay is based on the number of final pages produced.

And really that’s not bad when you consider that DocZone Publisher is an "all inclusive" Web-based editorial and production system that supports the creation, management, translation and single-source publishing of content.

Powered by the open-source Alfresco CMS platform, DocZone Publisher includes:

  • An authoring tool for distributed teams accessed via a browser
  • Easy and efficient search and query of all content
  • Numerous content management abilities including versioning and access control
  • Workflow management
  • Language translation tools.

When Really Strategies bought DocZone in July last year we speculated that by combining the two most price efficient solutions on the market -- Web CMS from Really Strategies and SaaS publishing from DocZone --  users could be looking at considerable economies for the future.

This new pay-per-page scheme would seem to bear that out with the only question now being what other pricing packages we will see in the future.

Apache Chemistry Gains New Contributors via OpenCMIS

Just recently, we reported on Nuxeo’s (news, site) steady progress with Apache Chemistry, a Java implementation of the CMIS spec.

The newest development on this front is OpenCMIS (a project led by Alfresco, SAP and Open Text) that is adding their collection of libraries, frameworks and tools around CMIS to Apache Chemistry.

No, it is *not* an attack against Chemistry, but more of a friendly merger.

Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in February 2010

Welcome to the February installment of our what's coming from the open source CMS projects in the next month.

If you're looking through here and feel that your project was left out, we invite you to send us an email at with a pointer to who we should contact at your project for updates.

CIO Magazine Says These are the Companies to Watch in 2010

CIO_logo_2010.jpg Everyone has an opinion on who we all should be paying close attention to this year. IDC has their lists, Gartner and Forrester point our theirs in research reports. Even CIO Magazine has their top 20 and there are more than a few you might find interesting.

IBM's Social Strategy Includes Support for CMIS, User Generated Content and Compliance

IBM's Social Strategy Includes Support for CMIS, User Generated Content and ComplianceOh to have been a fly on the wall at Lotusphere 2010 this past week. With what seemed like a never-ending ode to enterprise social computing, IBM (news, site) announced a number of updates and new projects that must have generated lots of excited whispers in the corners.

Alfresco Enterprise CMS Cozies Up With IBM Lotus


Alfresco (news, site) got friendly with IBM Lotus today via a (soon to be available) integration of the Alfresco Enterprise CMS with IBM Lotus Quickr, Lotus Notes, Lotus Connections and WebSphere Portal.

Alfresco 3.2 ECM Supports Compliance, Collaboration & Cloud Deployment

Alfresco 3.2 ECM Supports Compliance, Collaboration & Cloud DeploymentAlfresco (news, site) has released version 3.2 of its enterprise content management system. The release allows for cloud-based deployments, streamlines email management and archiving and enhances team-based content collaboration, as well as providing the only supported open source records management tool certified to the 5015.02 standard. Let's take a closer look.

Alert: What's Coming In Open Source CMS In 2010

Normally in this space we look back over the current month and forward into the next month at what the various open source CMS projects are up to. But rather than blindly putting out an update for January, we thought we'd look farther ahead into what everyone wants to accomplish throughout next year. Call it our open source 2010 predictions with less guesswork and high hopes.

AIIM Gears Up for 2010 with a Bit of Alfresco

logo-alfresco.pngHere's a quickie for you: John Newton, Alfresco (news, site) Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, was recently named to the AIIM Board of Directors.

The board is comprised of what the company is calling "the 'who's who' of the Enterprise Content Management industry elite" and, after reviewing Newton's background, we'd say he's certainly paid his dues for the title. His achievements include co-founding Documentum (acquired by EMC), and as a member of the OASIS Technical Committee he has helped to spread the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS). 

His CMIS efforts can be seen within Alfresco Community 3.2, which implemented CMIS 1.0 in November of this year. 

"John brings years of experience in all facets of the document and content management history," said AIIM President John Mancini. "His extensive knowledge of this industry is second to none and he will be a welcome addition to our board. I look forward to John's participation and counsel." 

Alfresco Gets More Settled, SaaSy in the Cloud

Alfresco Gets More Settled, SaaSy in the Cloud

Alfresco (news, site) is expanding its cloud horizons by offering complex configuration deployment options in the cloud for its Enterprise CMS via a partnership with RightScale.

The joint solution is aimed to provide faster full-blown deployments and better management of the cloud infrastructure. RightScale is a cloud computing management company that has a SaaS cloud management platform and supports Amazon EC2 among other clouds.

The RightScale Cloud Management Platform has several features that many organizations may find appealing, including prepackaged cloud-ready ServerTemplates, ability to manage entire deployments centrally, automation throughout the deployment lifecycle, and visibility and control of all levels of a cloud app.

For Alfresco customers it means that they have a way of deploying fully-configured, fault-tolerant and load-balanced Alfresco cloud instances that can automatically scale to meet various infrastructure needs as they arise. As often it is with the cloud, one of the benefits is reduced costs, when customers only pay for what they use, when they use it.

In addition to the recently released Alfresco EC2 image and the Cloud Content Application Developer Program aimed at developers wanting to try out the Enterprise CMS in the cloud, the vendor now also offers a hosted Amazon cloud-based trial of a full implementation of Alfresco Share, using Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.1, for you to explore.

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