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Amazon Ec2 News & Analysis

Ektron 8.7: Supports Responsive Design, Amazon EC2, SharePoint Synchronization

Web content management provider, Ektron has announced Ektron 8.7, an updated version of its web content and digital experience management platform.

Google Counters Amazon By Slashing Cloud Storage Prices, Upgrades Capabilities

Earlier in the week Amazon slashed its storage prices on S3. In response, Google -- which just upgraded its cloud services -- slashed its storage prices not once, but twice, reducing the overall costs by 30% in one week.

Amazon Deploys Two More EC2 Instance Types, Introduces AWS Data Pipeline #reinvent

Amazon announced two more EC2 instance types at its first ever partner conference reInvent this week, and also showed off a new analytics tool called AWS Data Pipeline.

Oracle Debuts Private Cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service #oow

Oracle Debuts Private Cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service #oowOracle has announced a new infrastructure-as-a-service, as CEO Larry Ellison termed it, and a Private Cloud service that is an extension of the existing Oracle cloud.

Amazon Partners With Eucalyptus for Private-Public Cloud Migrations

Amazon Partners With Eucalyptus for Private-Public Cloud Migrations A look to the (near) future of cloud computing and some good news -- we hope -- for those considering the deployment of private clouds. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Eucalyptus to enable private cloud users to migrate workloads to Amazon’s public cloud.

Amazon Updates to EC2 Will Force (Shudder) Reboots!

amazon_aws_logo.jpgSo, you move your company's apps, services or data to the cloud, and think everything will roll on smoothly, forever. Wrong! Even Amazon's systems need the odd update that requires a reboot within its mighty data centers.

Amazon Promises Full Inquiry into EC2/AWS Outage; Affected Services Comment

amazon_aws_logo.jpgIn quite a week for Internet-based problems, the services side of Amazon (news, site) has promised a full inquiry into the problems that beset its North Virginia data center last week.

The Aftermath: Amazon EC2, Sony PlayStation Network Recover from Cloud Crashes

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon's (news, site) Elastic Cloud Compute service went down last week and is still recovering today, after bringing a number of major services to a standstill. Meanwhile, Sony's PlayStation network is also experiencing problems.

Kaltura Launches Amazon EC2 Edition of Open Source Video Platform

kaltura_logo_2010.jpgKaltura (news, site) launches the latest version of its open source community edition and adds Amazon back-end power.

Run Your Project Management Application on Amazon EC2

teamlab_logo_2010.jpg TeamLab (news, site) now offers its collaboration suite for rapid deployment, allowing users to host it with Amazon's EC2.

Oracle Introduces Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Outlines Cloud Strategy #oow10

Oracle Launches ‘Big Honkin’ Cloud’, Ellison Outlines Cloud Future If anyone was still in doubt as to what Larry Ellison thinks of the cloud, or what Oracle (news, site) is going to do with Sun Microsystems, the launch on Sunday of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud should put an end to all the speculation.

Amazon CloudFront Expands, Allows Private Streamed Content

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon (news, site)  has been busy. In addition to a brand new edge location for CloudFront, the company's content delivery Web service now supports private content--which means customers can sell or secure.  

Amazon EC2 Now Supports Windows Licenses

amazon_aws_logo.jpgLots of news from Microsoft as of late, ey? Their new pilot program, The Microsoft Windows Server License Mobility Pilot, allows customers with Enterprise Agreements to migrate their existing Windows Server licenses to Amazon EC2. This means users can leverage their already-purchased licenses and reduce the cost of running Windows instances in the Amazon cloud.

Red Hat Launches

redhat-leader.jpgRed Hat (news, site), one of the poster children of the Linux and open source communities, has launched a new online community to promote open source across various industries.

Mark Logic Launches Cloud Based Information Infrastructure

Mark Logic Launches Cloud Based Information Infrastructure Mark Logic (news, site) has just announced that it is providing a new line of cloud services that will enable customers to access and use the MarkLogic server on Amazon EC2.

Apart from the fact that they will now be able to use Mark Logic software on a pay-per-hour basis, they will also be able to subscribe to it directly from Amazon Web Services for ease of access, and use only what they need to use.

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