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Amazon S3 News & Analysis

Google Counters Amazon By Slashing Cloud Storage Prices, Upgrades Capabilities

Earlier in the week Amazon slashed its storage prices on S3. In response, Google -- which just upgraded its cloud services -- slashed its storage prices not once, but twice, reducing the overall costs by 30% in one week.

Amazon Drops Price on S3 Storage Service by 25%, Debuts Redshift Data Warehousing

Amazon announced yet another price drop on its S3 Storage Service as its Web Services continues to change how cloud computing is done.

Cloud Smart Meter Puts Amazon Web Services Analytics on Your iPad

 nemvem_ipad_thumb.jpgIT managers looking to keep a close eye on their businesses' AWS and S3 usage can now monitor the situation from the comfort of their executive iPad. 

DAM Lowdown: Front Porch Digital, Nuxeo 5.6 & Media Asset Management Startup axel video

It’s been another DAM week … and in this past week’s digital asset management news, Front Porch Digital and Nuxeo update, axel video gets radically simple, Amazon hearts CORS, and some thoughts about EMI’s needs and filenames’ possibilities.

Amazon Partners With Eucalyptus for Private-Public Cloud Migrations

Amazon Partners With Eucalyptus for Private-Public Cloud Migrations A look to the (near) future of cloud computing and some good news -- we hope -- for those considering the deployment of private clouds. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Eucalyptus to enable private cloud users to migrate workloads to Amazon’s public cloud.

Cloud Storage Competition Heats Up as FileTrek, SpiderOak Jump In

filetrek_logo_2012small.pngFileTrek launches its cloud-based file sharing and tracking solution, while SpiderOak announces the cloud storage service, which is priced below that of Amazon S3.

Nuxeo Takes Open Source Document Management to Amazon's S3 Cloud

It's been a busy month for Nuxeo, provider of the open source Nuxeo Document Management platform. The lastest update includes the ability to wire your Enterprise CMS repository into Amazon's S3 cloud storage service. Read on for details.

CloudBerry Manages CloudFront Content, Offers Online Backup

CloudBerry Manages CloudFront Content, Offers Online Backup CloudBerry Lab (news, site), a young player in the cloud computing game, has just announced some updates for helping users manage and backup their files in their Amazon S3 accounts

SalesForce Adds Unlimited Document Management with S-Drive

SalesForce Adds Unlimited Document Management with S-Drive Competition to provide document management in the cloud is always fairly stiff, but with the addition of CyanGate’s S-Dive to’s (news, site) AppExchange, it’s likely to get even stiffer.

What this new partnership will do is to give companies that sign up for a single company account with AppExchange unlimited space in the Amazon cloud to store content of any kind and share it by simply downloading it from within the platform.

Preserve Your Data to Amazon S3 With CloudBerry's S3 Backup

Preserve Your Data With CloudBerry's S3 BackupGot an Amazon S3 account? Why not back up your data to it? That's the premise of CloudBerry's (news, site) S3 Backup tool that enters a new beta phase as it gets closer to primetime.

CloudBerry Updates Amazon S3 Explorer, Offers Online BackUp Service

cloudberry_logo.jpg CloudBerry's (news, site) freeware browser for Amazon S3 has been a big hit since its launch back in March. Now the company is bringing new features and offering extra peace of mind.

Agility CMS Adds Dashboard, Cloud Storage Support

Agility march 2009 release, dashboard, bookmarking, amazon s3

The ASP.NET-based, SaaS Agility CMS received several new features in its March update iteration.

There’s a new dashboard that gives Agility users a good look into the happenings of their sites, content linking capability and support for cloud storage in Amazon S3. Let’s look at these updates in detail.

Sitefinity .NET Web CMS Adds Amazon S3 Connector

Sitefinity .NET Web CMS Adds Support for Amazon S3In October of last year Sitefinity announced version 3.5 of the .NET built web content management solution. That new version was built for optimal performance among other new features and enhancements. With the increasing amount of content that needs be available to a global audience, performance issues are certainly a primary concern for organizations.

That is why Telerik has choosen to not only provide performance optimization within its content management system, but they have also announced the integration of Sitefinity with Amazon S3 for cloud-based storage.

Amazon Web Services Launches Management Console

Amazon Web Services Launches Web-Based Management Console

Now that Amazon Web Services is starting to gain traction in the hosted application market, AWS today announced a new tool that will allow Amazon Web Service users to keep tabs on their AWS services. The first release of the management console is focused on the Elastic Compute Cloud (or EC2), AWS' virtualized server computing resource.

We have seen tools such as Ylastic that allow for monitoring of AWS utilities such as Amazon EC2, S3, SQS and SimpleDB, but the newly released tool from Amazon Web Services is the first to originate from AWS itself.

Amazon Web Services Extend EC2 To Europe

Amazon Web Services Extends EC2 To Europe

Amazon Web Services, the hosted application environment from, announced the availability of the Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in Europe. Having Amazon EC2 in Europe will mean developers and businesses can build applications and websites on the EC2 platform with less latency, as computational data will not have to travel across the Internet as a part of the workload.

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