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Amazon News & Analysis

Document Mgt Roll-up: Send Microsoft Files to Kindle, New Office Functionality for iPad

It’s been a mixed bag this week. Amazon has released an application that lets users send documents to Kindle, the CloudOn app enables users to create and edit Office documents on iPad, SAP expands in the education market, PSIGEN pushes into Asia Pacific while Due Diligence extends the scope of V-Rooms.

Amazon's Send to Kindle Simplifies Documents Synching for Windows

Amazon has released a handy new feature that allows Windows users to send any document to their Kindle with a single click. If you happen to use another operating system -- tough luck.

Will Apple's January Announcement Reinvent Textbooks?

Anyone who’s ever lugged a backpack full of textbooks across a large college campus has fantasized of a better way of transporting content to a lecture hall. Add a laptop, chargers and other ancillary electronics to the journey, and chances are that you'll be dialing your chiropractor in short order.

Update: Breaking news- Apple to announce its move into Digital Textbooks on Jan. 19

It’s now official. Apple will be hosting an “education” event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on Thursday Jan 19 at 10 AM. Invitations were sent to select members of the press this week.

The invitation, which looks like a chalkboard, shows a profile of the New York City skyline with an apple wedged in its center. The text reads:

Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.”

The latest rumors suggest that Apple and a select group of textbook publishers will announce that students will soon be able to buy digital textbooks from the iTunes store.

Will Google Make a Tablet to Compete with Kindle, iPad?

The web is abuzz with rumors of a pending Google Tablet to challenge, not perhaps the Apple iPad juggernaut, but Kindle's new "Fire," in what some are calling the next "Fire fighter." And with smoke from the Italian press, kindling from an upstream Taiwan component supplier, and perhaps a grain of truth thrown in the mix, we get to the core of how these things get started in the first place.

Kindle Fire's Roaring Christmas, But Who Will Rule 2012?

kindle_fire_front_thumb.pngAnalysts reckon that Amazon's Kindle Fire stole over one million Apple iPad sales over the Christmas period. Did that really happen, or are other forces at play?

Apple Hits 1 Billion Apps a Week, Starts 2012 With Focus on eBooks


As Apple celebrates its part of 1.2 billion app downloads last week, those centuries-past, paper-based tomes are the focus of the company's first big news in 2012. While we're sure it is hard at work on a budget iPad and a new iOS, Apple is trying to boost its share of the ebook market that Amazon rules.

Gartner Releases First Public Infrustructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant

Are you curious how the multitudes of public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers stack up? Thanks to Gartner, there is no longer a need to wonder. The analyst firm has released its first magic quadrant for the public IaaS market.

Amazon's Kindle Fire to Get Performance Fix


While Amazon's attractively-priced tablet still flies off the shelves, users are starting to realize that the bargain price came with some rather cut corners. With UI issues and too-easy purchasing being complained about, Amazon is promising to fix them with a software update soon.

iPad 3 vs. New Samsung Tablet: War Starts in February

Thumbnail image for ipad.jpg

While the smartphone tech race is pretty much over, there's plenty of gold in them there tablet hills, as Apple and Samsung may clash, toe-to-toe, next February with new cutting-edge models. Grab your pom-poms and start cheering for your favorite now!

Amazon Updates to EC2 Will Force (Shudder) Reboots!

amazon_aws_logo.jpgSo, you move your company's apps, services or data to the cloud, and think everything will roll on smoothly, forever. Wrong! Even Amazon's systems need the odd update that requires a reboot within its mighty data centers.

Mobile Roundup: Apple Dumps Carrier IQ, Kindles on Fire

As the mobile industry gets ready to wind down for a few weeks, it's time to shout (or not) about those seasonal sales figures. And there was always going to be one last storm, provided by Carrier IQ, with its generic mobile networking monitoring software, now dumped by Apple. 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Rise of the Tablet

If you had little doubt what the most sought-after gadget was over the Thanksgiving break, the stats shows that tablets were the hottest ticket in town. Both online and in-store sales were through the roof as people seem hooked on tablets.

Black Friday Smartphone, Tablet Bargains: Mad, Sublime or Desperate?

amazon_store_logo_2011.jpgWith the big news that Amazon has put a great range of smartphones (except iPhones) on sale for just a cent on a two-year contract, others are slashing and burning, depending on need.

Amazon to Follow the Kindle Fire With A Smartphone?


City investors suggest that Amazon's foray into Android tablets with the Kindle Fire could be followed up by a new smartphone in 2012.

Amazon Kindle Fire Might Overtake iPad Sales This Holiday Season

Amazon Kindle Fire Might Overtake iPad Sales This Holiday SeasonAmazon has just released its Kindle Fire tablet to the public through retail establishments and by online order. Amid mixed reviews, Amazon is optimistic that the US$ 199 price tag might hit the sweet spot among consumers and that the Amazon's new 7-inch tablet is poised to overtake Apple's iPad 2 in terms of holiday sales.

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