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Has IBM Just Changed the Big Data Analytics Market?

IBM has just pushed competition for big data analytics business up a notch with the opening of its new Accelerated Discovery Lab (ADL). While most vendors are happy to provide big data analytics applications, or functionality, for their customers, Big Blue is offering its customers an entire research lab to help them draw meaning from their data. 

Switching Channels at the Contact Center

Customer Experience, Switching Channels at the Contact CenterWhen I was in the outsourced call center business in the 1990s, we only needed to manage phone calls and the occasional written communication. Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) could route phone calls efficiently and IVRs -- at the time a relatively new technology -- allowed customers to self-select options that would get them the right type of help more quickly. It was a simpler time.

The Road From Big Data to Decision Just Got Shorter - Teradata's Aster Paves the Way

Information Management, Analytics, The Road From Big Data to Decision Just Got Shorter, Teradata's Aster Paves The WayHey CIO, it’s OK to breath now; those Big Data-informed insights you've been promising to everyone may finally become a reality.

ClickTale Offers Free Version of Its User Website Tracking Service

ClickTale Heatmap.pngHow do your visitors actually interact with your Website? Israel-based ClickTale is now offering a free version of its user recording and analysis technology, which is designed to let site owners see and better understand the answer to that question.

Social Collaboration's Analytics Gap

Social Business, Social Collaboration's Analytics GapMetrics are the key to driving end user adoption. Unfortunately, social collaboration has an analytics gap. 

Making a Case for Digital Transformation


Are you heading towards a digital transformation? A new study from Capgemini and MIT Sloan Management Review shows that the opportunity offered by new digital technologies is clear. Making it happen, however, is a little fuzzy.

Google Adds Analytics APIs for Large Companies

Google Adds Analytics APIs for Large CompaniesGoogle has updated its Analytics APIs for things like account setup and configuration, and large companies that want to get in on some of the closed beta availability action can sign up now.

Weekend Reads: Dropbox vs. SharePoint + How Technology Changes Media & Entertainment

Weekend Reads: Dropbox vs. SharePoint + How Technology Changes Media & EntertainmentThe leaves are changing, the air is crisp. Fall has arrived. Whether you've just returned from your morning hike or you are still laying under your covers, waiting for the sun to warm up your house, what better way to kick off your Saturday than with our weekend reads. This week we talked Dropbox and SharePoint -- who wins for best file sharing solution? We also took a look at how technology is changing media and entertainment and discussed how communities can help delight customers. So, sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads. 

The Familiar New Challenge of Big Data

megan murray, big data, decision makingNot too many years ago, I was challenged to hear this phrase from a very senior enterprise leader. "Being a good leader means being able to make smart decisions with very little information." It struck me as reckless cowboy bravado then. It just seems hopefully foolish now, though I absolutely understand the world from which that notion came. I think of that leader sometimes and wonder how they might be dealing with data overload, and how it is changing their world.

How Analytics Can Support Intranet Management

taken from, intranet analytics, social business A lot of the big data noise revolves around how marketers use data analytics to improve marketing performance. But how do these tools and techniques effect what is going on behind the scenes?

Tealium Announces AudienceStream, Real-time Audience Distribution Platform

The tag management problem is also a data problem and Tealium is ready to help digital marketers deal with both.

Weekend Reads: Data Science Needs Storytellers + The Quality vs. Quantity Debate

Customer Experience, Weekend Reads: Content Quality v Quantity + The SharePoint 2013 IntranetSummer has officially ended and we are kicking off this fall season with a list of some must read features for you to enjoy this weekend. In the customer experience space, we talked content quality vs quantity and the magic 8 ball of customer-focused analytics. Over in information management, we learned about the sexiest part of data and in social business we looked at the SharePoint 2013 Intranet. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Social Enterprise Collaboration Governance: A Little Done, A Lot More To Do

Metalogix didn't wasted any time in incorporating the SharePoint governance and administration assets it acquired from Axceler in August into its corporate portfolio. This week, Axceler has rebranded itself and its remaining assets under the umbrella of a new company called View Do Labs, which will focus on offering enterprises governance and analytics across social networks.

Key Metrics for Measuring the Customer Experience [Infographic]

This month we talked a lot about the benefits that big data and analytics can have on the customer experience. But there's a lot of information flowing through your organization's fire hose. How do you what to measure and what metrics to use? 

Microsoft Adds Q+A Search, Improved 3D Data Mapping To Office 365 Analytics

Microsoft has just upped the ante again in the productivity suite space with the addition of a bunch of new features to its Power BI for Office 365. Among the new additions is natural language search and 3D mapping visualizations, which combined will bring impressive 3D analytics visualizations to Office 365 users.

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