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Social Enterprise Collaboration Governance: A Little Done, A Lot More To Do

Metalogix didn't wasted any time in incorporating the SharePoint governance and administration assets it acquired from Axceler in August into its corporate portfolio. This week, Axceler has rebranded itself and its remaining assets under the umbrella of a new company called View Do Labs, which will focus on offering enterprises governance and analytics across social networks.

Key Metrics for Measuring the Customer Experience [Infographic]

This month we talked a lot about the benefits that big data and analytics can have on the customer experience. But there's a lot of information flowing through your organization's fire hose. How do you what to measure and what metrics to use? 

Microsoft Adds Q+A Search, Improved 3D Data Mapping To Office 365 Analytics

Microsoft has just upped the ante again in the productivity suite space with the addition of a bunch of new features to its Power BI for Office 365. Among the new additions is natural language search and 3D mapping visualizations, which combined will bring impressive 3D analytics visualizations to Office 365 users.

Marketers Are Slowly But Surely Embracing Big Data Analytics

big data analytics, digital marketingCompared to other professions, marketing has been something of a laggard in terms of adopting analytics technology that relies on big data.

IBM's Mark Heid on Digital Marketing, Big Data Hype, The Role of Context

Customer Experience, IBM's Mark Heid Talks Digital Marketing, Big Data Hype, The Role of ContextIt was the best of digital marketing times, it was the worst of digital marketing times. The opportunity for marketers to know their customers has never been greater and the potential is growing by the day. Between social media, online forums, purchase histories, mobile data -- customers are practically (and literally) drawing a map to their doors. But how do marketers unravel this mass of data to derive actionable insights?

As Oracle OpenWorld Turns: Ellison Snubs Attendees, Changes Tune on In-Memory Database #oow13

shutterstock_154465007.jpgPut Larry Ellison on a stage and he’s going to make someone’s blood boil. Even if Oracle OpenWorld is his party and he’s supposed to be its host. 

Read Between the Lines: Discovering the Hidden Customer

Customer Experience, Read Between the Lines:  Discovering the Hidden ConsumerWhat does the movie Groundhog Day have to do with digital marketing?

Want to Share That Great Buy? [24]7 Offers New Suite to Make That Easier

social sharing 24/7, digital marketing Converting customers who love your product or service into brand advocates who drive word of mouth is one of the Holy Grails of marketing. And, like the Holy Grail, there are lots of ways to get there. This week, customer experience technology firm [24]7 announced a suite of applications designed to leverage social sharing for that quest. 


Big Data Bits Featuring Recommind, Cloudera, Apache Storm, Apache Samza, SumAll

Information Management, Big Data Bits Featuring Recommind, Cloudera, Apache Storm, Apache Samza + An Interesting Tidbit About SumAllThere’s never a dull moment in the world of Big Data and last week was no different. We saw prizes, surprises, funding announcements, donations and an unusual type of disclosure by a Big Data company. 

Google Encrypts All Searches, Rolls Out Google+ Comments for YouTube


Google has been busy rolling out some controversial changes recently. Its encryption of search keywords will rankle with SEO and marketing types, but the addition of Google+ comments to its YouTube video service should rile hotheads, while cleaning out a lot of the cruft. 

Where's My Magic 8 Ball? Customer-Focused Analytics

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Where's My Magic 8 Ball? Customer-Focused AnalyticsSurprise! -- big data analytics is not a Magic 8 ball that you can just shake for the answers.

Social Competitive Intelligence Answers the 'So What?' Question

Customer Experience, Social Competitive Intelligence Answers the 'So What?' QuestionBoth business intelligence and competitive intelligence crunch big data to deliver answers to the questions, “what happened?” and “how did that happen?” Only a social competitive intelligence framework can answer the most important question, “so what?”

Weekend Reads: Social Media Marketing with Big Data + Information Governance for the Future

Weekend Reads: Social Media Marketing with Big Data + Information Governance for the FutureThe weekend is here and it's time to relax! So, whether you're sipping your morning coffee or snuggling in your comfy bed what better way to kick off your Saturday then with some great insights you may have missed.

This week, we looked at social media marketing and big data, discussed how to get from records management of the past to information governance for the future and talked enterprise level social networking. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads!

Big Data + Advanced Analytics: The Key to Enhanced Customer Experiences

Digital Marketing, Big Data and Advanced Analytics: The Key to Driving Growth, Enhancing Customer ExperienceIt seems that marketers really are waking up to the tremendous value of mining customer data, if the results of a recent report by management consultants McKinsey are anything to go by.

Google May Be Cooking Up a Cookie-Replacement

Google May Be Cooking Up a Cookie-ReplacementWhat can replace the much-maligned cookie? A new report says that Google is working on an anonymous tracking technology to do just that.

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