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Social Media Campaigns: Lots to 'Like' About True Fan Engagement #SMWA

Sure you may have 3,400 friends on Facebook. But are you having 3,400 beers every weekend with each one of them? Probably not.

My goodness, do we ever hope not.

It’s the same set of challenges for companies creating a social media presence. Simply attracting fans is one thing, but engaging them and determining your true brand influencers and those who interact with your brand are the real goals here. 

This Week: How to Win as a Digital Marketer + The Documentum Slam Dunk

The Bionic Man of big data analytics. Here's the trick to bigger, better, stronger, faster digital marketing. 

Top honors for EMC Documentum.  Flexibility, reliability and usability -- just a few of the factors named by Frost & Sullivan when awarding the legacy Enterprise CMS top honors.

Search drives informed decision making. Judging search by criteria like speed or number of results misses the point.

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Social Media Engagement Fit for a King #SMWA

A birthday celebration for the King of Pop via social media requires, well, a king-like effort for those behind the campaign.

It’s Michael Jackson. It has to be big. It has to have staying power -- staying power like the dance move from a 24-year-old up-and-comer during a Motown show on March 25, 1983. 

CMSWire's September Tweet Jam: How Marketers Leverage Big Data + Analytics - Meet the Experts #CXMChat

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It's no secret that many marketers cringe at the very mention of Big Data. Is it because big data is nothing more than a big buzzword and brings no additional value, or is it simply that they're terrified at the prospect of diving into all that data? Either way, big data appears to be here to stay and marketers better learn how to mine the most value from it.

IBM Launches Digital Marketing Network with More Than 100 Vendor Partners

It’s getting harder and harder to remember what marketing was like before it became part of the cloud. IBM, which has been offering a variety of cloud-based marketing, analytics and sales services, announced this week a potentially unifying Digital Marketing Network that integrates the services of more than 100 vendor partners. 

CEOs to Digital Marketers: Where's My ROI on Social Media Campaigns? #SMWA

social media marketing, digital marketing,#smwa Digital marketers looking for ROI on social media data and analytics that make C-Suite executives smile and open their wallets have the same problem as the men in Shania Twain’s life: they struggle to make an impression.

"Okay, so you're a rocket scientist. That don't impress me much,” Shania sang to potential men trying to measure up. “So you got the brains but have you got the touch?” (no, she didn't headline the Summit).

Marketing: The Most Profitable Place for Big Data Analytics

Customer experience, digital Marketing: The Most Profitable Place for Big Data AnalyticsThere’s currently a big talent war being fought between old school advertising agencies and big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Forrester: Recipe for Mobile Marketing Success Includes Big Helpings of Analysis

forrester research, mobile analytics, customer experience It seems obvious that objectives, measurement and analytics are required for any marketing channel, particularly one with as many variables as mobile. But nearly 40 percent of marketers have not even defined their mobile objectives, much less developed measurements for determining effectiveness. A new report from Forrester Research attempts to lay out how analytics can be used to accomplish what you want to accomplish in mobile channels. 

SAP Gets Sexy with Hadoop Partnerships, Big Data Road Trip

Information MAnagement, Analytics,SAP Gets Sexy with Hadoop Partnerships, Big Data RoadtripWhat’s SAP doing at TechCrunch Disrupt -- it’s not exactly an Enterprise audience?

Pentaho v5.0 Offers 'Blended Data' Analytics, Deep MongoDB Integration

Over the past year, business intelligence (BI) vendor Pentaho has been steadily building up its BI suite by adding all kinds of new functionality. With the release of v5.0 today, it has upped its game by simplifying business user access to analytics, providing deep data integration, and advanced MongoDB integration. 

SAP Buys KXEN For Easy-To-Use Predictive Analytics For Business Users

predictive analytics, big data, sap SAP has just announced that it will expand its analytics portfolio with the acquisition of San Francisco-based KXEN, which provides easy-to-use predictive analytics tools for business users. 

Are Marketers Using Data to Its Full Potential? No Way

Customer Experience, Are Marketers Using Data to Its Full Potential? No Way“Big Data” has been an industry buzzword since it burst onto the marketing scene in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, more than a decade later, it remains a confusing buzzword for many marketers.

Cloud Computing: The Democratization of Big Data

Information Management, Cloud Computing: The Democratization of Big DataBig Data and Cloud Computing -- bring those two topics up at your next office party and you’re bound to get more dazed and confused looks than knowing nods. But thanks to the democratization of big data -- opening up data analytics to mainstream information workers and developers, as well as data scientists and engineers -- that’s all about to change.

Bringing Big Data Analytics into Focus for Marketers: 3 Principles to Simplify Your Life

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Bringing Big Data Analytics into Focus for Marketers - 3 Principles for Simplifying Your LifeHow’s it going with figuring out how you’re going to use “big data” to get more return on your campaigns? Or understand which customers to target for upsells or new products? Or increase overall usability of your mobile and web channels?

EMC Documentum Leapfrogs the Competition - Frost & Sullivan Gives 5 Reasons Why

Information Management, Enterprise CMS, EMC Documentum Leapfrogs the Competition - Frost & Sullivan Gives 5 Reasons WhyWant to look like a fool? Then call EMC Documentum a legacy Enterprise Content Management system that’s too sluggish and weighed-down to keep pace with the times.

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