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Jahia to Offer Ethical Web Data Exchange to Apache

Open source CMS vendor Jahia intends to contribute a reference implementation for a standard protocol for the exchange of customer data between web servers, to the Apache Foundation as an incubator project, a Jahia spokesperson told CMSWire today.

Jahia’s aim, as the company’s CTO told us last month, is to advance the development of a system that enables a CMS or a user experience platform to exchange customer data such as purchasing history and preferences in an environment that also gives customers control over what gets shared and what does not.

Apache: What a Zoo


"Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo..."

If you're old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkel, you may appreciate that 48 years ago this month, their song “At the Zoo” entered the Billboard Top 10. For the rest of you -- the majority I'd expect -- you probably think of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). I'd suggest that for all of us, ASF has improved our lives.

Is the Hadoop Market Ready to Go? Hortonworks Filed its IPO

OK Cloudera, you say the world’s only commercial pure Open Source Hadoop distro provider, Hortonworks, doesn’t have a sustainable business model?

Well, let’s see Wall St. thinks.

Today, the company unveiled news that it confidentially filed its S-1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in August under the auspices of the JOBS Act. Form S-1 is used by companies planning on going public to register their securities with the SEC.

While many think that IPO’s are about founders cashing in on their blood sweat and tears, you can bet that Hortonworks is raising money for one specific reason — namely, to get the capital it needs to become the world’s predominant enterprise Hadoop provider.

DataStax Gets It: Help Developers Do What They Love - Win the Business

Mega tech executives like Larry Ellison don’t know this quite yet, but developers will be the kingmakers of the big data era. Gone are the days when software vendors win business by wining and dining C-level execs and presenting them with glossy request for proposal responses that took months to prepare.

Trilibis Embraces Device Aware Mantra for Mobile Websites

Trilibis Embraces Device Aware Mantra for Mobile WebsitesResponsive Web design has been catching on in 2013, but the technology is not without its drawbacks. Now, a company called Trilibis is moving past responsive design to a device aware technology using a lightweight server plugin.

Nginx Launches Commercial Web Server Nginx Plus

Nginx Commercial Web Server LaunchedOpen source Web server provider Nginx has become the second most popular Web server in the world, and now it's launching a commercial version called Nginx Plus.

Cloudera Delivers Sentry Security For Hadoop: Regulated Enterprises Can Now Ask Big Data Questions

cloudera, big data, information management,Cloudera challenges enterprises to ask bigger questions, and why not? This is the age of Big Data, after all.

IBM, Pivotal Partner: Place WebSphere on Open Source Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry, IBM, Pivotal Using Cloud Foundry

IBM continues to play in the open source and cloud space, this time with the announcement that it is teaming up with EMC spin-off Pivotal to develop technologies that will enable Cloud Foundry’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to work with IBM’s technology, as well as the OpenStack IaaS cloud.

Datastax Makes it Easier for Developers to be Productive + Wins US$ 45 Million Investment

Datastax enterprise, information management, cassandra,Larry Ellison probably won’t be celebrating Apache Cassandra’s fifth birthday today. Instead he’s likely to be peering into a metaphorical window to see which of his customers have come to the party since a number of them have, or are in the process of, abandoning Oracle’s RDMS in favor of Datastax’s Enterprise edition.


Cloudant Breathes Life Into CouchDB - Merges BigCouch into Apache Project

Community is at the heart of any Apache Open Source project; its members voluntarily create and collaborate on building software products for the public good. If there isn’t an active, vibrant, productive community working on a project, chances are good that there is no Open Source software available to lead a particular field. 

And that can be a big problem.

Talend Survey Explores Big Data Market; Human Resources Still the Biggest Challenge

Everyone is doing big data, or least it would appear so from the forums, blog posts and media articles currently appearing on the Web. But big data solutions are expensive and require investment in human resources and technology, which not every enterprise has the resources to do. So how widespread is big data adoption? Open source integration specialist, Talend went to the market to find out and came back with some interesting results.

Hortonworks Brings Open Source Big Data Hadoop Platform To Microsoft's Windows

Further evidence that big data is going mainstream is the announcement from Hortonworks that its Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows (HDPW) is available in beta, making it the first Apache Hadoop distribution that is available for both Windows and Linux.

Who the Hadoop is Hortonworks and What Have They Just Done?

hortonworks.jpgIf you haven’t yet heard much about Hortonworks, the youngest of the three primary commercial vendors that develop, distribute and support Enterprise-grade Apache Hadoop, pay attention.

Building Communities to Promote Collaboration #gilbane2012

The development of social media and other leading edge communication and collaboration technologies is creating a “perfect storm” of change, and social communities are the best means of surviving the weather. This was the main message of both presenters in a session entitled “Collaboration from the Inside Out and Outside In” during day one of the Gilbane Conference in Boston

IBM New Enterprise Software Offers Social, Mobile Integration

IBM may be an old technology firm, but lately the company has been busy making sure it offers products that help organizations support the latest trends in enterprise technology. The company has announced a new set of integration offerings designed to help businesses easily connect their applications to all types of emerging content.

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