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Apigee Acquires InsightsOne to Bring Predictive Analytics to APIs

Apigee Acquires InsightsOne for Predictive AnalyticsAPI management company Apigee has acquired predictive analytics firm InsightsOne, and the merger brings the killer app to the world of big data, Waqar Hasan, InsightsOne founder and CEO said in an interview.

StrikeIron Launches Public API Management Service

API Management Firm StrikeIron Launches Public IronCloud ServiceStrikeIron, one of the only stand alone API management companies after a recent string of acquisitions in the industry, has launched a public version of its IronCloud API creation and hosting service.

A tidal wave of mobile device use is proof of our digital connections. Mobile apps, the web and social media are all cross connecting people and companies in new and novel ways.

Apigee Institute: 7 Effective Habits of Chief Digital Officers


The role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a hot topic — and a new report from the Apigee Institute identifies seven effective habits CDOs should have.

The report, “Three Keys to Successful Digital Transformation,” surveyed more than 300 executives in firms with at least a  half billion dollars in annual revenue. 


Dying to Know More About APIs and Platformification?

I was super happy to see my article from last week, on the crossover between UX and APIs, get such a good response (including tweets from Alan Cooper and Jared Spool). There were one or two tweets from people who were not fully familiar with the topic and wanted to learn and understand more about the space. Ask and you shall receive. Each article listed below is a bit different and will help you understand different nuances, possibilities and actual corporate strategy shifts driven by API design.

Get Ready, Twitter - Facebook Is Eyeing Hashtags

The hashtag is best known for its use in Twitter, right? Not if Facebook moves forward with a reported plan to incorporate hashtag groupings into its service. 

Apigee Big Data Insights: Are You in Control of Your App Economy?


Big data is often the culmination of many different sources of information. Online, offline, mobile, social and local, among others. Connecting to it all can be challenging, not to mention analyzing it. Thanks to a new tool from Apigee, organizations can connect and analyze potentially massive amounts of external data from APIs, apps, social, and mobile ecosystems, together with other data sources for context.

CoreMedia Offers Custom Web CMS Solution for Media & Entertainment

Sensing a high demand in the realm of media and entertainment, today CoreMedia announces its new solution for web content management and user engagement across media outlets. Built for a new kind of audience, the Web CMS provider has created a means for press to publish high volumes of content, anywhere at anytime, and across any interface. The age of 24-hour news is upon us. 

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