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iOS 7 Meets Real Users Ahead of the iPhone 5S Launch


Apple seemingly managed to find some more servers for the launch of iOS 7, with slightly less struggle to download and install the new system than previous versions. However, updates are still the order of the day as those enthusiast queues form for the top iPhone model. 

iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

Organizations looking to build responsive, mobile friendly shopping websites now have an option to do so with the iAPPS Webstore Express, a templated eCommerce site building model from Brideline Digital.

Google Announces Chrome Offline Apps to Challenge the Desktop


While celebrating the fifth birthday of Google Chrome, the company has announced a new wave of apps to turn its cloud- and web-based service into one that could soon challenge the likes of Windows and other desktop operating systems. 

Apple's Champagne Gold iPhone To Start A Bling War?


Smartphone makers can't boost processor speeds much faster without melting your phone, more RAM is too expensive to casually toss in, and cameras can only add so much, so where's the next selling point for high-end smartphones? Will a posh paint-job be enough to keep Apple selling iPhones? we'll find out soon enough. 

Skype Could Crush All Before It With Prime Placement In Windows 8.1


Skype will replace the Messenger app in Windows 8.1, making it Windows' centerpiece for communicating across all devices. Assuming Windows 8.1 takes over the desktop world, where does that leave other messaging services?

Mobile Marketplaces: What Microsoft Needs to Do to Make It Big

Information Management, Mobile Marketplaces: What Microsoft Needs to Do to Make It BigThe Apple Store recently celebrated its 5th birthday and reading about what Apple has done with its marketplace caused me to take a hard look at what Microsoft is doing with its own mobile marketplace(s). What can Microsoft learn from Apple? What does Microsoft need to focus on to be successful?

Create Salesforce Leads from Business Cards with FullContact App


Business card reader FullContact has an updated take on the popular task of quickly uploading contact information, and it even has direct integration with Salesforce.

Growing Popularity of Chat Apps Means Revising Information Governance, Security Plans

shutterstock_97785350.jpgAs chat apps overtake SMS text messaging as the mobile messaging method of choice, what dangers does this hold for information governance and security?

Gesture Based New York Times App to Debut for Leap Motion

Gesture Based New York Times App to Debut for Leap MotionAs if news websites weren't already under siege from the flood of mobile devices, now they'll have to contend with gesture controls via the Leap Motion interactive controller, and a New York Times compatible app.

Apple Celebrates Five Years of the App Store, Most Popular Titles Listed, Some Go Free

apple app store free apps games

Enjoy some of the iTunes App Stores' most popular apps and games for free as the store celebrates its fifth birthday on 10 July.

Box App For Expands its Collaboration Credibilities


Why offer random users your service across the Web, when you can appeal to a massive army of captive users? Box has done just that offering a solution to those looking beyond the office and server for their content as mobility increases.

How To Use Emotional Designs In Your App To Engage Users

Emotional Design in Mobile AppsEmotional Design as a concept was first proposed by Donald Norman in his book titled "Emotional Design." This concept proposes that a person will find an aesthetically appealing product much more functional and useful because it connects with the person on an emotional level.

Microsoft Launches SkyDrive Pro For Windows 8 and iOS Devices


Hot on the heels of the Office 365 for iOS app comes SkyDrive Pro allowing enterprise users to access and store their SharePoint and other Office data on the go, with a Windows 8 app for those still tied to their tablet or notebook. 

Secure Mobile Data Still at Risk in the Cloud

Secure Mobile Data Still at Risk in the CloudOver 80% of IT professionals don't know how much of their organization's regulated data is stored on a mobile device or in the cloud, a survey has found, and even the data known to be on a device often remains weakly secured.

Oracle: 4 Reasons Why Information Silos Are Hindering Cloud Advantages

 While concerns over cloud deployments are now a thing of the past, the cloud is still proving difficult for many enterprises. In fact, new research form Oracle shows that the dual promise of business efficiency and IT agility is still eluding many enterprises.

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