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Tweet Jam Recap: Defining Employee Engagement #SocBizChat

If you attended yesterday's #SocBizChat about employee engagement, you know it was a lively event. There was much debate about what employee engagement is, what it entails, what makes it work, how to measure it and what can keep it from flourishing.

Windows 8 Support Included in Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization Update

Windows 8 support has been included in a couple of updates for the Novell ZENworks Mobile Management (BYOD) and application virtualization suites.

BlackBerry Returns to Profit, Sells Over One Million Z10 Devices

 Thumbnail image for Blackberry-logo2.jpg While BlackBerry might just be getting started on its recovery in the U.S., the company has already made the turnaround in other territories, allowing it to record a profit and hit the million mark with the Z10. 

Evernote Updates its Windows Phone and Android Apps

evernote_logo.gifHot on the heels of Google's Keep announcement, Evernote has been boosting its profile with a string of news, including updates for its mobile apps, adding new features and other improvements. 

Building Smarter Mobile Apps to Fuel User Engagement

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution. Consumers are becoming savvier with their mobile devices and are expecting more from their digital experience. Traditional desktop activities -- such as entertainment, shopping or banking -- are now being experienced on tablets and smartphones.

Windows 8 Should Be the Choice for Touch Business Apps

Windows 8 was a bold move for Microsoft. And whether you are a regular Microsoft or iOS user, businesses looking to build a line of business mobile applications should consider Windows 8 a front runner, specifically if its touch application would augment what you want to do.

BlackBerry 10 App World Passes the 100,000 Mark Ahead of U.S. Launch

 bb10_logo.JPG Just a few months after launch, and as it goes on-sale in the U.S., BlackBerry has announced that its app store is into six-figures, with the promise of more big name apps to come. 

ShareThis Acquires Socialize to Improve In-App Socialization

Content sharing widgets and solutions provider, ShareThis has acquired Socialize, a tool that helps make apps more social.

Salesforce Chatter Mobile Apps Go Live, Takes CRM on the Road

iOS and Android versions of the Salesforce Chatter mobile app have finally been updated to include things like editing accounts, leads and opportunities.

Get Ready, Twitter - Facebook Is Eyeing Hashtags

The hashtag is best known for its use in Twitter, right? Not if Facebook moves forward with a reported plan to incorporate hashtag groupings into its service. 

Twitter Releases Windows 8 App with New Viewing, Sharing Features

Twitter has joined companies who have adapted their products for the Windows 8 operating system with the launch of Twitter for Windows 8 app.

FirstRain Offers Mobile Customer Intelligence Apps Built on Salesforce Touch

There was a time when if your enterprise had an application that offered insights into customer behaviour, the sales and marketing teams were happy. Now, workers want customer intelligence. On the back of that FirstRain has developed a new app that enables enterprises to build customer intelligence apps for any device from Salesforce’s Touch platform.

HootSuite Adds Premium Apps for Salesforce, YouTube to Directory, Launches Developer Program

Social media engagement system, HootSuite has announced new premium Salesforce, YouTube and Statigram apps and launched a developer program to improve the overall functionality and appeal of the HootSuite App Directory.

Box Upgrades Windows 8, Windows Phone App, Adds Powerful Previews, Office Support

Box is going to very busy over the next year or so as it prepares for its IPO. In the meantime it needs to keep users happy -- after all, happy users generally means happy investors. Last October Box launched Box for Windows 8. This week it is tweaking that and adding some more.

AppGlu Lets You Manage the Content in Your Mobile Apps

AppGlu-Logo-200px.pngWhile the road to designing and developing a mobile app is easier than it once was, it’s still not something that has become streamlined within organizations. Developing is hard enough, but when it comes to managing a mobile app’s content, there are challenges ahead.

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