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Yammer Starts Earning Its Keep at Microsoft: Fuller Integration to Come in Summer 2013

When Microsoft bought enterprise social network Yammer in June for US$ 1.2 billion, more than a few eyebrows were raised, especially since Microsoft already had enterprise social networking in SharePoint and was partnering with Yammer. Now, those same eyebrows may again be arching skyward following Yammer’s recent report of record growth last year and its plans to move toward closer integration with other Microsoft product lines.

Accellion Introduces a Secure Mobile Productivity Suite for iOS Users

Enterprise mobile file sharing solution provider Accellion is releasing the Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite. This new package of applications provides users with secure access to and sharing of Microsoft Office documents, as well as photos from iOS mobile devices

Want Social Media to Work for Your Company? Turn Your Employees into Advocates

In this age of social marketing, why not use your employees to help sell the company’s products? A new whitepaper from Dachis Group gives ten steps on how best to do that.

Miles Ahead in the Roadmap of an Electronic Records Management Implementation

By the second month of your electronic records management (ERM) implementation, the project plan has been curtailed several times. It happens regardless of your industry or the company you work for. Despite the beauty, simplicity and elegance of your critical path, one or more surprises will suddenly appear.

CMSWire Google Hangout: Better Web Experiences Using Marketing Automation #ghwemma

Curious if you could get more bang for your buck if you integrated your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with your Web Experience Management (WEM)? Wondering if it's a possibility or it it's more trouble than it's worth? Join us on February 20th as we host a Google Hangout to discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating your MAP and WEM.

Migration Options for SharePoint 2013: Consider Your Options Carefully

I expect to see Microsoft announce the official release of SharePoint 2013 any day now. It’s an interesting time for organizations on the business collaboration platform, and many of you may be considering the move to SharePoint 2013 sooner rather than later to take advantage of some new capabilities. But what’s the best approach to upgrade to the new platform? Let’s check out the options.

Hello Mr. Tucci: Can EMC IIG (Documentum) Have VMware's Socialcast Now?

Someone needs to have a talk with EMC boss Joe Tucci. They need to tell him to take a break from strategizing about the integration of companies in his Pivotal Initiative portfolio, pluck Socialcast from EMC’s offspring company VMware, and move it into EMC ‘s Information Intelligence Group (Documentum).

He needs to do this NOW. There won’t be a better time.

Dropbox Releases Sync API for iOS, Android Apps, Sneak Peek of Document Preview

Creating iOS and Android apps with Dropbox functionality built right in has been simplified due to the company releasing its Sync API -- allowing apps to work as if Dropbox was a local file system right on the device itself.

Vetting Enterprise Vendors with VendorStack

Everyone knows that consumers these days do not buy a product or service without first going online to consult with a myriad of objective sites (ok, there are attempts at manipulation but savvy consumers know that) and forums to obtain third-party reviews and recommendations. But what about companies trying to decide if a particular solution or service vendor is the right one for them?

Spigit's Social Innovation Platform Updates Improve Engagement and ROI

Social innovation software provider, Spigit has announced a series of engagement and ROI-centric updates to its platform.

Smartphones Taking on the Giants of Super Bowl Advertising

While we wait to see how BlackBerry Will promote the BB10, the new Star Trek movie already has an app, while Motorola, and others are putting up a heavy advertising presence among the car and beer adverts for this year's super-advertising-bowl-athon.

Board Oversight of IT and Technology

I admit to criticizing my “alma mater” PwC for much of their thought "leadership" over the last years. Today, I come to praise PwC, not to bury it.

Apple Unveils First 128GB iPad 4, Aims for the Enterprise

This week, Apple released a 128GB version of its fourth generation iPad, with a high-resolution 9.7-inch Retina screen. This is the first iOS model with more than 64GB of storage, and as tablet variations from other manufacturers begin to crowd the iPad, bigger storage better positions the iPad for productivity applications.

Want to Keep a Customer? Report Advises: Handle Their Emotional Needs

Anyone who has badmouthed a company because a customer service agent badly handled their problem will not be surprised about the findings in a new report from AchieveGlobal. The study by the global workforce development firm found that emotion is the “key to building customer loyalty and advocacy.” 

Whither Yahoo? CEO Mayer Says Search Personalization, Partnerships

In what directions does Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, want to take her company?

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