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Whither Yahoo? CEO Mayer Says Search Personalization, Partnerships

In what directions does Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, want to take her company?

Samsung Stretches Smartphone Market Lead, Celebrates With Record Quarter

Thumbnail image for galaxynote.jpgThe latest IDC figures show the South Korean company moving further ahead of Apple, at the same time as Samsung reports another record quarter. 

Report Reveals Mobile App Developers' Choices

While Android is still the leading platform for mobile software development, and iOS is second, there is considerable interest in Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. That’s one of the key findings in a new report on choices by mobile developers.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager v7.3: Enhanced Cloud, Migration Capabilities

With the release of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 7.3 the company continues to build out its web content management system with developers in mind. Last April in v7.2 it focused on making the product easier to use, integrate with and host. In v7.3 the focus is on scalability, migration, website and online management, and self-service capabilities.

Apple Earns $13.1 Billion in First Quarter Profits, Sells 75 Million iOS Devices

applelogo.png On sales of 47.8 million iPhones and 22 million iPads, Apple has recorded $54.5 billion in revenue and $13.1 billion in profit in a single quarter. 

Futureful iPad App Launches, Promises Content Discovery in Style

A stylish iPad app launches, but does the Internet care? It might if the crew behind the Futureful app have their way. Futureful is like StumbleUpon's fancier, quirkier cousin, and if the Internets like anything new, it is surely a new way to find awesome Internets.

New Social Network Spraffl Celebrates Anonymity and Locations

As one of the best New Yorker cartoons wisely noted, “On the Internet, no one can tell you’re a dog.” Now, a new social network named Spraffl is championing the idea that, for dogs and everyone else, location-based anonymity is the cat’s meow. 

Don't Forget! Video & Mobile Collaboration Cut through Sales, Marketing Noise

We've all heard of the learning curve; the scale and pace at which people retain and remember information. But, there's also a forgetting curve, and people will delete emails and voice mails if they aren't memorable, a big problem for sales people and marketers.

Making the Business Case for the Web

As business value increasingly moves to the interface we need new models of how we describe and measure value. 

Voice Calling is Now Part of iPhone Facebook Messenger App

In their most recent update to the Facebook Messenger application for iOS, Facebook has introduced a free calling feature via wi-fi or data connections for US users. 

TrendSpottr Offers Alerts of Pre-Viral Trends

Would you like to get pinged about trends before they go viral? This week, Toronto-based TrendSpottr announced the launch of TrendSpottr Alert, which sends real-time notifications of emerging trends, news and events based on the company’s predictive analysis of big data. 

Enterprise Mobility in 2013: Multiple Apps Have Become the Norm

The days of an enterprise feeling good about mobility leadership by piloting a mobile app or two are behind us. Survey findings show that the new norm for enterprise mobile app development is multiple app projects per year.

E-Discovery Trends for 2013

Like any relatively young industry, the e-Discovery technology market is undergoing a process of maturation. In a relatively short time span, e-Discovery has evolved from a somewhat isolated activity to an expansive, business-critical operation.

A New Business Model for SharePoint 2013

It’s true, we are a long way off from seeing serious uptake of SharePoint 2013. In fact, most organizations are still using SharePoint 2007 despite the advantages that 2010, and 2013, are offering. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to consider how this latest version of SharePoint will change the way we implement new applications within our companies.

RIM Revs Up For BlackBerry 10 Launch With Apps and NFC

bb10_logo.JPG  The news is fairly surging out of RIM this week as the company prepares for the launch of the Blackberry 10 platform and devices that will decide its future in the marketplace.

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