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Android Dominates Burgeoning US Smartphone Market

Android was the dominant smartphone operating system in the US during Q3 2012 according to data from Nielsen, commanding 52 percent of the market. This put Android substantially ahead of any other smartphone OS, including Apple, which held 35 percent of the market.

Firefox 18 Feeds Need for Web Speed

Web browser provider Mozilla is releasing version 18 of its Firefox web browser, with significantly increased speed for Web apps and games among its chief selling points.

Where is the Search Box?

Do you suffer from IDF on a regular basis? IDF (Information Discovery Failure) usually occurs when the website or intranet information architecture fails to find the information required and you then have no option but to use the search application. You know before you start out that this is not going to be a good user experience.

Apple Sees Almost 20 Billion App Downloads in 2012

applelogo.png If you're wondering just how big the potential for apps is, Apple has seen users download 40 billion apps since the arrival of its App Store, with nearly half of those being grabbed in 2012.

Microsoft Gains Home System Control with Reported R2 Studios Acquisition

Is Microsoft stepping up its interest in using the Xbox, smartphones or other devices to control home systems? That question is being asked following a new report that the technology giant is buying id8 Group R2 Studios, which offers a product to control home systems remotely from an Android device.

Apple's iOS Winners and Losers in 2012

applelogo.pngFrom the success of Passbook to the gloom of Maps, and the dings on the new iPhone and confused iPad updates, Apple has had a mixed year, but will have learned some lessons for 2013. 

In 2013 I Wish ...


In 2013 I wish that businesses would take a moment to realize the wealth of technology and capability that they already have. The technology platforms they buy have so many untapped and unused features that can help plug holes and fulfill needs that are acutely felt every day. Too many businesses get enamored with the shiny new software pitched by that year's sales rep while missing out on the ROI and efficiency and expertise that lies latent and waiting.
In 2013 I wish that organizations would take a moment to inventory the expertise, tools, best practices and insight that is freely available on the web. From whitepapers to freemium software to graphics to templates for everything from expense reports to business plans, the World Wide Web abounds with the answer to any question you have if only you'll invest the time to find and read and use it. The information you seek is out there, usually for free. Tap into that resource and enjoy an amazingly prosperous 2013! -- Billy Cripe, Founder and Principal BloomThinker of BloomThink


IBM Pushes Big Data, e-Discovery With StoredIQ Acquisition

Unless one of the other vendors slips a sneaky acquisition under the door by the end of the year, the announcement by IBM that it is buying StoredIQ early in the new year has to be the last throw in consolidation of the information management market for this year.

The Top Business, Social and Media Mobile Apps of 2012

From the hundreds of thousands of apps across the spectrum of devices, what have you been downloading and using on your smartphone most this year? CMSWire takes a look at those that have appealed most to us. 


Amazon Appstore for Android Developers Get A/B Testing #appnation

Android developers building apps for the Amazon Appstore have a bevy of new tools to help leverage the rapidly growing Kindle Fire tablet ecosystem, Aaron Rubenson, Director Amazon Appstore for Android said at the AppNation conference this week.

In 2013 I Wish ...


BYOD becomes the norm in most companies as they embrace new ways to work and new mobile devices. Companies focus on making employees productive no matter where they are.

Companies move further and further away from the "stack," whether that's Microsoft, Oracle or Salesforce, and become more comfortable choosing best of breed technologies for their needs, including HR, CRM, ERP, Finance, Content Management and Collaboration. Open standards allows for easy integration. -- Whitney Bouck, General Manager, Box Enterprise at Box


No More Free Google Apps for Businesses

Bad news for many -- Google has killed off its free Apps suite for businesses, but luckily those that already have accounts set up are in the clear.

The Real Reason Why EMC and VMware are Pooling Assets to Create Pivotal Initiative

If you really listen when people talk, you can learn some amazing things. And in an age where chatter about the Cloud, Big Data and the shortage of Data Scientists has gone viral, there’s a quieter, compelling conversation going on. 

The next wave of computing will be about Big Data App development.

SAP Unveils Windows Phone 8 Apps & New Enterprise Security App For Windows 8 #SAPTechEd

Enterprise software and software-related services company, SAP, has released changes to the SAP Mobile Platform, security features for SAP Afaria and a new product: SAP 360 Customer Solution.

Zenprise Mobile Device Management Report Shows Growing Focus on Apps

Mobile device management provider Zenprise has released its quarterly report looking at mobile trends in the enterprise. Results identify iPad as the main factor in iOS growth, while Android dominates key verticals.

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